20 Hilarious Jason Momoa Interview Moments Which Proves He Is Such A Charming Man

Aquaman is maybe the most underrated superheroes of the D.C Universe. But Jason Momoa made this character super awesome and we all love him. Check out the sweetest and funniest Jason Momoa interview moments that will prove he is such a charming person:

1. Long-Lineage of Water Men!

2. Made Up Promotions!!

3. He Fears Clown From ‘IT’!

4. He Likes Bad Boys!!

5. The King Is Here!!

6. Hawaiian Bro!!

7. Green Leotard!!

8. Aquaman Is Here!!

9. He Is A Cutie!!

10. Haha!!

11. Aww!!

12. Absolutely!!

13. Bad At Secrets!!

14. Haha!!

 Jason Momoa Interview Moments

15. Sweet!!

16. Oh Yeah!!

17. Oh My!!

18. LOL!!

 Jason Momoa Interview Moments

19. He Hates Clown!!

20. Love Him!!

 Jason Momoa Interview Moments

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