20 Times World Needed Darcy Lewis’ Humor More In The MCU

Darcy Lewis Humor in MCU:

Before WandaVision, Kat Denning made two big contributions to the MCU (get your head out of the gutter). One of those is interrupting Jane on her date in Thor: The Dark World and the second is, giving Mjolnir the best name ever – Mewmew! And now she is one of the main characters in the new Disney Plus show, WandaVision. We loved her in Thor movies and we are loving her now also. Check out the funniest ways through which she impressed the Marvel audience:

1. Perfection!!

2. The Mood Board!!

3. She Is Epic!!

4. Aww!!

5. Best One!!

6. Mew!Mew!!

7. On Set!!

8. They’re The Best!!

9. LMAO!!

10. Pretty Obvious!!

11. No One Can Say Better Than Her!!

12. So Cute!!

13. She Tasered Him!!

14. Her Face!!

15. Awesome!!

16. Still Muscly!!

17. Oh Yeah!!!

18. Super Cute!!

19. Haha!!

20. Love Her!!!

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