20 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Images From Epic Horror Movies

People have loved horror movies since the very beginning and even though it is difficult to create a good horror movie, every person loves to watch them. Check out these more fascinating behind-the-scenes images from epic horror movies that will show how much less horrific they actually are on set:

1. Nick Castle as Michael Myers

2. Carrie

3. Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Critters 3

4. Jaws

5. Alfred Hitchcock grabs Janet Leigh’s face on the set of Psycho

6. The Twin Girls From the Shining!!

7. Epic Scene From Shining!!

8. Johnny Depp holding a super-soaker on the set of Sleepy Hollow

9. Silence Of The Lambs

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

11. Pennywise chillin’ on a porch

12. Hannibal Lector eating a french fry

13. Steven Spielberg in the jaws of Jaws

14. The Exorcist

15. Freddy chillin’ with his walkman on the set of Nightmare On Elm Street

16. Child’s Play

17. Tim Curry on the set of IT

18. All Over The Pace!!

19. Linda Blair from The Exorcist

Behind-The-Scenes Images From Epic Horror Movies

20. Jack Nicholson Out Of Focus From The Set of The Shining!!

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