10 Great TV Series That Had The Worst Spin-Offs Ever

Sometimes the success of one project encourages the makers to reuse it. But are reused items always as effective as they were initially? No matter how great these TV shows were, they were not meant to have a spin-off. It was better to leave them alone and let them become the iconic classics that cannot be repeated. But these directors exploited your favorite characters and kept cashing on them even when they deserved to retire. The final product, the spin-off was inevitably a disaster but the producers didn’t care as long as they got money out of it. Find out the 10 greatest TV series that had the worst spin-offs ever.


The unique and feel-good concept of “Glee” had attracted many viewers from across the world. It was about a high school teacher gathering a group of misfits into the school choir to participate in an upcoming competition. After watching the success of the show, the producers decided to capitalize on it and start a connecting reality show. It was a regular singing competition called “The Glee Project”, where the winner would get to appear in at least seven episodes on the real series.

The X-Files

The sci-fi shows brought us alien conspiracy theories, unexplained paranormal events, and other science-based and government conspiracies. Just like the typical Netflix monster sci-fi of today, “The X-Files” had its viewers hooked on the show. It later pushed out a spin-off titled “The Lone Gunmen” which starred the supporting characters, recurring theorists, from the previous show. Sadly, it couldn’t grab enough attention without the main cast and had to be shut down after 13 episodes.

That ‘70s Show

Only a lazy minded person can copy-paste their successful project into other projects. The makers of the hit sitcom “That ‘70s Show” thought reusing the same plotline with new characters and putting it in the next decade would fool the audience. They came up with “That ‘80s Show” but when the network realized the blunder, it took it off air after 13 episodes only.


The crime-mystery starred a pair of an FBI agent and an anthropologist who investigated crime by examining the remains and bones of the victims. This unique alliance and the amazing cast worked out pretty well for the audience and ran for 12 seasons. When the spinoff “The Finder” hit the screens, fans didn’t find any reason to cling on to it. They’d rather rewatch “Bones” due to its strong cast and charm. The secret to a successful spinoff is crossing the benchmark set by its predecessor in terms of cast and plot.


Some things are so special and precious that they shouldn’t be tampered with. “Friends” is one of the biggest comedy series in history that took every generation by storm. It has been about 20 years since the show ended but fans keep coming back to it for the 100th time. The idea of not getting it back makes us want it more. But the makers wanted to continue the legacy and made a show on one of the most beloved characters, Joey Tribbiani, and named it “Joey”. It focused on how Joey got serious with his career and moved to LA for his show.


TV Series Worst Spin-Offs
TV Series Worst Spin-Offs

The makers of the classic children’s show “Bewitched” kept stretching the story without realizing that it had lost its charm long back. Fans loved the series for Samantha and the shenanigans of her notorious mother Endora. But then they went on to push out a new show on Sam’s daughter Tabitha and titled it after her name. Even though nobody wanted “Tabitha”, the creators ignored the hints and tried to produce a show on Tabitha’s daughter as well.

Full House

The classic sitcom “Full House” that made the Olsen twins popular was once played on every TV. It depicted the life of a widower raising his three daughters along with the help of his musician brother-in-law and his best friend. Its two characters, D.J. Tanner and Stephanie went on to have their own spin-off named “Fuller House”. It had the exact theme with D.J. Tanner as the widow raising three sons with the help of her sister and best friend. It’s still a feel-good show for the ones who haven’t seen the original series. But if you have already got the taste of “Full House”, its spinoff will never satisfy you.

Law and Order

TV Series Worst Spin-Offs
TV Series Worst Spin-Offs

One of the greatest and the longest-running TV franchise ever is “Law and Order”. It ran from 1990 to 2010 and had a total of 20 seasons. The show also branched out more spinoffs while it continued airing. One of them, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” was a huge success but the other “Law and Order: Trial By Jury” was a disaster. It brought back the star of the original, Jerry Orbach but failed to woo the audience. It received such poor ratings and viewership that the network had to pull it back after one season.

The Flintstones

Our childhood is incomplete without the classic prehistoric cartoon, Flintstones.  As it was a huge hit across the world, the creators decided to make another series on ancient babies. In “The Pebbles and Bamn-Bamn Show” the babies were all grown up high school kids.

Doctor Who

TV Series Worst Spin-Offs
TV Series Worst Spin-Offs

One of the most recurring characters in the long-running British classic show Doctor Who was the robotic canine named K9. The writer of the show, Bob Baker held rights to K9 but not to Doctor Who. So he created a spinoff out of K9 without the blessings of BBC. As a result, he got to produce a show on the recurring Doctor Who character without any connection to Doctor Who adventures.

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