25 Unseen ‘The Eternals’ Set Photos Proving It Could Be Marvel’s Biggest Film Yet

It’s obviously because of the Coronavirus that Marvel has been so quiet about The Eternals. If the world hadn’t been hit by COVID, we wouldn’t already get 1 trailer for The Eternals, let alone just a promotional image. So here we brought you some of the amazingly rare and unseen ‘The Eternals’ set photos proving it could be Marvel’s biggest film yet:

1. Canary Island!!

2. Salma Hayek Hanging out with Youth From The Eternals!!

3. Caught In The Action!!

4. Gemma Chan On The Set!!

5. Kit Harrington And Gemma Chan Together!!

6. Brian and Kumail Hanging Out On Set!!

7. Richard Madden Looks Amazing!!

8. All In One!!

9. Love To See Them Together On Screen!!

10. Black Knight And Cersi Romance!!

11. Can’t-Wait  To See Him Again!!

12. Handsome, Isn’t He!!

13. Kumail Nanjiani is all Set-Up!!

14. Taking Selfie!!

15. Amazing!!

16. Awesome!!

17. The Romance Is Confirmed!!

18. Kumail, Salma, and Anjelina Jolie Together!!

19. Lovely!!

20. Wow!!

21. Great!!

22. Tomb of The Gods Sets!

23. The Photoshoot!!

24. Wonderful!!

25. Thena on The Set!!

Pooja Singh

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