10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD:

The advent of the internet and easy access to information has proved that celebrities are quite like us. They might appear to be extraordinary and larger than lives on the camera but in reality, they have a lot of similarities with us. The battles they have fought in life makes them quite relatable. They haven’t shied away from talking about their health and mental battles and how they overcame it. No matter how unbelievable and insane somethings sound, we as well as the celebs have experienced them. Some of the biggest stars of Hollywood have been open about the disorders that they have to deal with in everyday lives. The more we talk about it the better it is in removing the stigma attached to them.

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD

However, it is to be noted that not all obsessions can be termed as OCD. Being particular about your hygiene and cleanliness doesn’t imply you have it. It simply means that it is one of the things you are serious about.  OCD is not a joke as portrayed on some shows. People who have it know the demons they fight inside their heads every day.  It’s not merely being organized but fear and irritation that grows from not doing it that haunts the person.  Regardless, reading these examples of celebs and finding how common it is, makes most of us feel better. Find out the 10 celebrities who have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

 1. Charlize Theron

Facts about Charlize Theron

What Charlie goes through is quite relatable to someone who suffers from OCD. Charlie is a powerful star with critical acclamation but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a personality disorder. She had admitted to losing many nights of sleep worrying about shabby cabinets.

 2. Cameron Diaz

Cameron has a thing with doorknobs. The Charlie’s Angels actress has a reputation of rubbing the doorknobs so hard that the paint wears off. Washing hands is a healthy habit and implies that the person is hygienic. But Cameron washes her hands far too frequently that others fail to comprehend. Furthermore, according to reports she uses her elbow whenever she can against the surfaces.

 3. Katy Perry

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD
Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD

Katy is one of the most glamorous pop stars in the music industry who has a worldwide following of fans. She has germophobia and is pretty strict about organizing everything alphabetically. Not following this protocol gives her anxiety.

 4. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has inspired many readers out there with her blog. She has been quite open about her struggles with OCD and depression. The actress spoke actively about her life with anxiety and OCD and how she battled it on her show, Girls, and in her interview. Even though she hasn’t eliminated it completely, she is glad that she has fought it to a major extent. She advocates treating mental health and physical health equally.

 5. Justin Timberlake

The charismatic singer and actor from Friends With Benefits seems all calm and cheerful on the screen but has plenty of things running in his head. He not only has OCD but also fights attention deficit disorder( ADD). According to reports, ADD makes it very harmful for him to concentrate on one thing.

 6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is a legend and a star in the cinemas. He seems flawless on the screen with his star power but he too has an issue in personal life. The actor gets the urge to walk through doorways several times as not doing so can wrap him up in inhibitions. He also legit stops himself whenever he spots a chewing gum stain on his way.

 7. Jessica Alba

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD
Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD

The Dark Angel and Fantastic Four actress has earned a lot of fame and fortune as a successful entrepreneur. The founder of The Honest Company revealed that she had OCD in an interview. She gets strong and excessive urges to control things and gets anxiety until she actually runs things her way.

 8. David Beckham

Dressing Well

The handsome and amazing footballer is not only strict about his fitness but also about his surroundings. He is obsessed with perfection to such an obnoxious level that he can’t stand anything that is not in pairs or not in order.

 9. Michael Jackson

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD
Hollywood Celebrities Who Have OCD

The iconic singer and dancer was known to have Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). It is said that someone with BDD is conscious about their appearance way more than others. Its symptoms are quite similar to OCD. It was his BDD that compelled him to undergo several plastic surgeries and transformational treatments. According to reports, he also went to bed in makeup.

 10. Charlie Sheen

Facts About Charlie Sheen

Charlie may have displayed recklessness and lack of discipline in the field of fun. But in other things, he is pretty fastidious more than necessary. His mind is controlled by orderliness so much that he once fixed a stranger’s shirt collar at a restaurant.

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