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10 Best Lucifer Morningstar Quotes

Who doesn’t love this handsome devil? As we are finally going to get the dose of the devil himself, here are some of the greatest Lucifer Morningstar quotes which are totally relatable.

Here are the best Lucifer Morningstar Quotes:

1. What’s Your Deepest Darkest Desire!

2. Don’t We?

3. Absolutely!

4. True!!

5. Be Careful!!

6. Oh Yeah!! Is that the best Lucifer dialogue?

7. No Match for Lucifer Morningstar!!

Best of Lucifer Morningstar Quotes
Best of Lucifer Morningstar

8. We cannot, can we?

Best of Lucifer Morningstar Quotes from Lucifer
Best of Lucifer Morningstar 

9. Totally!

10. Twisted Tyrant’s Rules!!

So these were some of the best quotes by Lucifer Morningstar. Hope you enjoyed them. Lucifer will be back soon to give us some more quotes in Lucifer Season 5.

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