Actors Who Shockingly Left Their Popular TV Shows

Actors Left Popular TV Shows:

What happens behind the scenes of a TV show often stays behind the scenes. There have been numerous instances when the face and soul of a widely popular series decided to quit the show leaving their fans and the show makers shocked and shattered. To fans’ disappointment, their departure has often forced the show to end. Well, it can be said that no matter how popular or lucrative their job was, these actors pursued their contented heart.

 1. America Ferrera

Actors Left Popular TV Shows

America Ferrera has basically been the face and backbone of the sitcom Superstore since season 1. She was not only the lead character but also the producer for all its 5 seasons. Now, but the actress has decided to not return for the 6th season.

  2. Jared Padalecki

The Supernatural fame started his career from another teen hit show, Gilmore Girls. The success of the show got him noticed and earned him his own show very soon. Eventually, he was offered to play the lead in Supernatural along with Jensen Ackles. Jared jumped on this opportunity and left Gilmore Girls to expand his career. Supernatural turned out to be the best choice of his life as it catapulted his career to great heights and also introduced him to the love of his life, Genevieve Cortese.

 3. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld played himself in the classic sitcom Seinfeld that became a global hit. The comedian didn’t want to run the show for too long as he knew that it could lead to losing its essence and power over the audience. Therefore, he decided to end it after season 9 while the show was still on its peak.

 4. Justin Chambers

Actors Left Popular TV Shows

If asked about the longest-running TV show, we all know that it’s Grey’s Anatomy which is on its effing 16th season. One of its actors, Justin Chambers has been with the show since its inception as DR. Alex Karev. But the actor walked out of the series in its 15th year.

 5. Kal Penn

The famous actor and comedian, majorly known from Harold and Kumar also appeared in House as Dr. Lawrence Kutner. But he bid his goodbyes to the show for joining Barack Obama’s White House Office as Associate Director of Public Liaison.

 6. Nina Dobrev

Actors Left Popular TV Shows

Nina became a global sensation as Elena Gilbert in the teen cult, Vampire Diaries. The thriller series obviously stole Twilight’s thunder and took the TV industry by storm. The show and her career were on their peak when Nina decided to leave the series in the 6th Season. The real reason of her exit was never revealed. Some believe that she wanted a change in career while others blamed her break up with costar Ian Somerhalder.

 7. Adam Brody

The popular face of The O.C. and the husband of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, Adam’s earliest works was on Gilmore Girls. He played Lane’s boyfriend who was a recurring character on the show. But he left it after landing a bigger role in The O.C.

 8. Jim Parsons

Actors Who Played Younger Roles

The finale of Big Bang Theory had all its viewers and actors running for tissues. We were legit in tears when the 12 seasons long show came to an end and we had to bid goodbyes to the characters that became our family. Even though all characters on the show were interesting in their own ways, it was Sheldon Cooper who was the face and life of BBT. It was his announcement to depart from the show that compelled the makers to end it with season 12.

 9. Sandra Oh

Another member to leave Grey’s Anatomy family was Sandra Oh. She stepped down on its 10th Season as she was already contented with it and wanted to move on to new projects.

 10. Skeet Ulrich

Actors Left Popular TV Shows

Skeet was the recurring face in the teen favorite Riverdale as F.P. Jones. But by the 5th season, the actor decided to step down for a change and walked out of the show.

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