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Lucky Trouble Movie Download In Tamil — Lucky Trouble is a 2011 Russian box office comedy that was also a directorial debut of Levan Gabriadze. Lucky Trouble premiered on February 17th, 2011, and grossed 12.86 million USD by May 1st, 2011. Provided below are the details for Lucky Trouble Movie Download In Tamil.

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The Plot of the Movie

This is the story of a small town Russian language teacher Slava Kolotilov and a prosperous woman from Moscow who meet by chance and fall in love with each other after a week of joint adventures.

lucky trouble movie download in tamil

The Cast of the Movie

  • Milla Jovovich – Nadezhda (Nadya)
  • Konstantin Khabensky – Vyacheslav Kolotilov (Slava)
  • Ivan Urgant – Danila (Danya)
  • Sergei Garmash – Khlobustin
  • Vladimir Menshov – Member of Duma Tryokhgolovich
  • Olga Tumajkina – Director of school
  • Sergey Selin – Mayor
  • Galina Jovovich – Nadya’s mother Galina Aleksandrovna
  • Tatyana Lyutaeva – Galina Aleksandrovna’s friend
  • Aleksandr Kerzhakov – Cameo appearance
  • Levan Gabriadze – Guest at a wedding (guest appearance)
  • Roman Madyanov – Inspector Road Patrol Service
  • Aleksandr Robak – Boatswain
  • Alexandra Nazarova – Nadya’s Granny

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Some Interesting Facts About the Movie

  • In the beginning the project was called “Kolotilov”. The film was not initially planned to be a romantic comedy, but the screenplay was altered on a later stage of production when Milla Jovovich agreed to work in the flick. Jovovich said in an interview that she agreed to act in the flick because of her friendship with Ivan Urgant. Scenes with her participation took ten days to shoot.

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  • Russian-speaking Milla Jovovich voiced her role herself, and it was her 1st role in the language. Despite being half Russian, Jovovich moved to London as a child, which made her main language English, so she had some difficulties with learning her lines. Her mother, Galina Loginova, also appears in the flick. She plays Galina Alexandrovna, Nadya’s mother.
  • The first letters of the names of the performers who played in the flick starring (Khabensky, Urgant, Jovovich) form an obscene word in Russian. In one of the trailers of the film this is visible. For this reason a lot of theatres refused to show the film’s trailer.

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Lucky Trouble Movie In Tamil Download Here

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