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Fast And Furious 8 Full Movie In Hindi Download — Fast And Furious 8 is an American action flick that was helmed by F. Gary Gray and penned by Chris Morgan. A sequel to 2015’s Furious 7, it is the 8th installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. Provided below are the details for Fast And Furious 8 Full Movie In Hindi Download.

The Plot of the Movie

This is the story of Dom, who encounters a mysterious woman, Cipher, who gets him involved in the world of terrorism. And the crew has to reunite to stop Cipher and save the man who brought them together as a family.

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The Cast of the Movie

  • Vin Diesel played Dominic Toretto, a former criminal and professional street racer who has retired and settled down with his wife, Letty and the Biological Father of Brian.
  • Dwayne Johnson played Luke Hobbs, a Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent who allied with Dom and his team following their outings in Rio de Janeiro and Europe.
  • Jason Statham played Deckard Shaw, a rogue British Special Forces assassin who was imprisoned by Hobbs and the DSS after his defeat in Los Angeles, who serves as an ally to help Dom’s team take down Cipher.
  • Michelle Rodriguez played Letty Ortiz, Dom’s wife and a former professional street racer and the stepmother of Brian.
  • Tyrese Gibson played Roman Pearce, a former criminal from Barstow and a member of Dom’s team.
  • Chris “Ludacris” Bridges played Tej Parker, a mechanic from Miami and a member of Dom’s team.
  • Scott Eastwood as Eric Reisner / Little Nobody, a law enforcement agent working under Mr. Nobody.
  • Nathalie Emmanuel played Ramsey, a computer hacktivist and a member of Dom’s team.
  • Elsa Pataky played Elena Neves, the biological mother of Brian and a former Rio de Janeiro police officer who moved to the United States to become Hobbs’ new partner at the DSS.
  • Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody, an intelligence operative and the leader of a covert ops team which previously aided Dom and his team in taking down Deckard in Abu Dhabi.
  • Charlize Theron played Cipher, a criminal mastermind cum cyberterrorist who forces Dom into working against his team by holding Elena & their son hostage.

About Music of the Movie

Brian Tyler, who scored the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th installments, was tapped to compose the film score for the 8th picture. A soundtrack album by Atlantic Records was released on April 14, 2017, coinciding with the movie’s US theatrical release.

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