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Zoom Movie Download In Tamil — Zoom aka Zoom: Academy for Superheroes is a American family superhero adventure comedy film that was co-produced by Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. Provided below are the details for Zoom Movie Download In Tamil along with the download link.

The Plot of the Movie

This is the story of a former superhero, Jack Shepard, who is called back to work to train a group of ragtag kids with useless powers to become superheroes and save the world from destruction.

zoom movie download in tamil

The Cast of the Movie

  • Tim Allen in the role of Jack Shepard/Captain Zoom, Connor’s younger brother and an ex-superhero with superhuman speed.
  • Courteney Cox in the role of Dr. Marsha Holloway, a psychologist on the Zenith Project who blows rainbow-colored blasts of wind.
  • Chevy Chase as Dr. Ed Grant, the scientist on the Zenith Project.
  • Kate Mara in the role of Summer Jones/Wonder, a teenager who possesses telekinesis and empathic senses.
  • Ryan Newman in the role of Cindy Collins/Princess, a little girl with superhuman strength.
  • Michael Cassidy in the role of Dylan West/Houdini, a teenager with invisibility and clairsentience.
  • Spencer Breslin in the role of Tucker Williams/Mega Boy, a boy who can enlarge and inflate at will.
  • Rip Torn in the role of General Larraby, the head of the Zenith Project.
  • Kevin Zegers in the role of Connor Shepard/Concussion, Jack’s older brother who went insane upon being exposed to Gamma-13.
  • Alexis Bledel (uncredited) in the role of Ace, a former member of Zoom’s team.
  • Devon Aoki in the role of Daravia, a former member of Zoom’s team.
  • Wilmer Valderrama in the role of Marksman, a former member of Zoom’s team.
  • Cornelia Guest as Cindy’s mother
  • Ridge Canipe and Danny McCarthy as Bullies
  • Thomas F. Wilson cameos as Dylan’s teacher. David Lander cameos as a Wendy’s employee

Some Interesting Facts About the Movie

  • Zoom was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Rupert Gregson-Williams was originally working on the project, but dropped out to work on Over the Hedge, and Christophe Beck stepped in.
  • Zoom made its box office debut on August 11, 2006, through Columbia Pictures.
  • Zoom was released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 13th, 2007, by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment under the name “Zoom: Academy for Superheroes”.

Zoom Movie In Tamil Download Here

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