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Now You See Me 2 Movie Download — Now You See Me 2 (also called by the name: Now You See Me: The Second Act) is an American box office heist thriller that was directed by Jon M. Chu from a screenplay by Ed Solomon and a story by Solomon and Peter Chiarelli. Provided below are the details for Now You See Me 2 Movie Download.

The Plot of the Movie

Post running from a stage show, the illusionists (Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson) known as the 4 Horsemen, find themselves in more trouble in Macau, China. Devious tech wizard Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) forces these infamous magicians to steal a powerful chip that can control all of the world’s computers. On the other hand, resentful FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) hatches his own plot against Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), the man he blames for the death of his father.

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The Cast of the Movie

  • Jesse Eisenberg playing the role of J. Daniel Atlas. He is a member of the Four Horsemen.
  • Mark Ruffalo playing the role of Dylan Rhodes Shrike, a former FBI agent and the leader of the Four Horsemen and the son of the late illusionist Lionel Shrike.
  • Woody Harrelson playing the role of Merritt McKinney/Chase McKinney. Member of the Four Horsemen. Twin brothers who specialize in hypnosis.
  • Dave Franco played the role of Jack Wilder, a magician specializing in card tricks. He is a member of the Four Horsemen.
  • Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of Walter Mabry, Arthur Tressler’s illegitimate son, a young technology tycoon.
  • Lizzy Caplan played the role of Lula May, a new member of the Four Horsemen, replacing Henley.
  • Morgan Freeman playing the role of Thaddeus Bradley, a magic debunker, exposing the tricks of other magicians and a member of the Eye and a friend of Lionel Shrike.
  • Jay Chou as Li, a Macanese magic shop owner.
  • Sanaa Lathan playing the role of FBI Deputy Director Natalie Austin, who tracks down Rhodes for helping the Horsemen.
  • Michael Caine playing the role of Arthur Tressler, the Four Horsemen’s former sponsor, who wants revenge for losing his money and power.
  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes played the role of Allen Scott-Frank, head of the Macau Science Center and member of the Eye.
  • Ben Lamb played the role of Owen Case, Walter’s former business partner.
  • David Warshofsky playing the role of FBI Agent Cowan.
  • Tsai Chin playing the role of Bu Bu, Li’s grandmother, who owns a magic shop in Macau.
  • Richard Laing played the role of Lionel Shrike, a magician who drowned while performing an escape trick thirty years ago.

About Songs of the Movie

The film’s music was both penned and composed by Brian Tyler. The soundtrack was released on June 10th, 2016 by Varèse Sarabande.

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