Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Download in 720p HD For Free

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Download — Avatar The Last Airbender is a American box office action adventure fantasy that was written, co-produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Provided below are the details for Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Download along with the download link.

The Plot of the Movie

This is the story of Aang, a 12-year-old boy, who must put his childhood aside to impede chaos that the Fire Nation is creating. He goes on a quest to restore harmony in the nations of Water, Earth and Air.

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Download

The Cast of the Movie

  • Noah Ringer as Aang
  • Dev Patel as Prince Zuko
  • Nicola Peltz as Katara
  • Jackson Rathbone as Sokka
  • Shaun Toub as General Iroh
  • Aasif Mandvi as Admiral Zhao
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Princess Yue
  • Cliff Curtis as Fire Lord Ozai
  • Summer Bishil as Princess Azula
  • Francis Guinan as Master Pakku
  • Randall Duk Kim as Old man in temple
  • Isaac Jin Solstein as Haru
  • Keong Sim as Tyro
  • John Noble as the voice of The Dragon Spirit

About Songs of the Movie

  • It has 12 Tracks in Total
  • Music Released on June 29, 2010
  • Music Label: Lakeshore Records
  • Native Language: English
  • Music Composed By James Newton Howard


Airbender Suite

  • Song Duration: 11:16 mins


  • Song Duration: 5:53 mins


The Avatar Has Returned

  • Song Duration: 4:42 mins

The Four Elements Test

  • Song Duration: 5:30 mins


Journey to the Northern Water Tribe

  • Song Duration: 4:01 mins


Hall of Avatars

  • Song Duration: 3:40 mins


  • Song Duration: 2:43 mins


The Blue Spirit

  • Song Duration: 7:17 mins


The Spirit World

  • Song Duration: 5:18 mins

We Could Be Friends

  • Song Duration: 4:08 mins


We Are Now the Gods

  • Song Duration: 5:46 mins


Flow Like Water

  • Song Duration: 6:32 mins

Some Interesting Facts About the Movie

  • Box Office Release Date: 9th July, 2010.
  • The film made a sales of USD 48.7 million from DVD/Blu-Ray sales, with a record 1.6 million DVDs and 300,000 Blu-Ray discs sold as of December 2010.

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Download Here

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