10 Anime You Should Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan

Anime to Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan:

Black Mirror is one of the greatest science fiction series of all time. It beautifully blends in dark themes with the trope of science to create a genre unheard of in the world of entertainment. There are lots of Black Mirror fans worldwide. To those fans, we ask this question – would you like to watch an anime that is just as dark and exciting as Black Mirror?

 1. Steins; Gate

The Steins; Gates manga source was one of the highest-selling Manga of all time, a record it held for quite some time before being toppled by future entries. The anime is all about time travel. What if a certain section of people have actually developed the technology to access time travel and can now use it to send messages to people in the past? Rintaro Okabe is an insane but genius scientist who has figured out the technology.

What he unlocks next is a world of betrayal and huge conspiracies that come as repercussions of using such a technology. Like every other time travel series, playing god by trying to manipulate time comes at a huge cost, something the characters realize later.

 2. Terror in Resonance

The world does not need more madmen thirsty for attention. It has enough already. In the world of Terror in Resonance, the world has gone complacent due to the lack of such megalomaniacs. The world is almost into a deep slumber of peace and harmony. Two teenagers, who go by the code names Nine and Twelve, stage a terrorist attack that takes the entire country of Japan by Storm.

The only clue the authorities have is a mysterious internet video. To add more mystery to the plot is the fact that the two teenage terrorists in question were supposed to never exist in the first place. As the story progresses, all things boil down to a mother of all grand twist.

 3. Ergo Proxy

Robots can never hurt human beings. As their creators, we made them with technologies and set the programming that forbids them from killing their masters. But robots are sentient creatures because they have artificially induced intelligence in them now thanks to human advancement in the area. As a result, there will come a time when one robot manages to find a way to get past its programming and in the world of Ergo Proxy this happens as all hell breaks loose.

There have been a string of murders in the technological marvel of a city set in a post-apocalyptic world. The Government has been secretly experimenting on a sub-species of human beings called Proxies and the murderer is closely related to the program. Inspector Re-l Meyer has been charged to find a way to root out the ones who are committing these murders.

 4. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is not for the weak of heart. It has a very grim story arc and many twists and turns surround the entire storyline. A group of small children live in an orphanage and have the best times of their lives every day they wake up. It is all so good that it almost looks like something is off.

A smaller group of children manage to pick up the hints. The orphanage is not what everybody believes it to be. It harbors some very dark secrets that the rest of the folks are trying to hide from them. The anime is being called the horror anime of the year because of its dark and twisted plot. Many believe and count it amongst the top anime series to have been ever made. It has monsters, evil and diabolical characters, and of course the typical anime cuteness.

 5. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent starts out pretty blandly. It never reveals anything substantial to keep the fans at the edge of their seats. Paranoia Agent tells the story of a young but accomplished writer called Tsukiko. She is a very shy character who created the immensely popular pink dog Maromi. After coming under immense pressure to recreate her past success with another successful character design, Tsukiko decides to take a short break.

Then she comes under attack by a mysterious serial killer like an entity called Lil’ Slugger, who is a skater with a bent baseball bat which he uses as a weapon. The cops get involved and the hunt for Lil’ Slugger begins, whose attacks become more and more rampant throughout the city. The ending of the anime is equally disturbing.

 6. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass was heralded as the future of sci-fi anime when it first came to the screens. In a futuristic city, the world has adapted itself to the practice of pre-emptive criminal persecution. Psycho-Pass deals with a society where an individual is judged by the Crime Coefficient Code, a system that measures how likely the person is to commit an act of crime. If the Code exceeds a certain level, then the person is either taken into custody or disintegrated using personal handheld weapons called Dominators.

Anime to Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan

The Inspectors in charge of catching a potential criminal them-selves use potential criminals called the Enforcers. The Enforcers can be terminated at any point of time by the Inspectors should they pose any danger to the public.

 7. Ghost in the Shell

Anime Series

Ghost in the Shell is one of the most popular anime series to have ever aired in Japan. It has such a magnificent fan following that even Hollywood was forced to make a movie out of it (which turned out to be a disaster in the end because well…Hollywood). Major Makoto Kusanagi is a cyborg.

Anime to Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan

She is actually a human being transferred into the body of a machine. She is essentially a robot with human consciousness. In the world of Ghost in the Shell, technology has advanced to such a level that it has exceeded human transcendence and now humanity and machinery cannot be seen as two different subjects but a singular domain. If that is not black Mirror worthy material, we do not know what is.

 8. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby is the continuation of the Devilman Manga, created by the legendary Go Nagai. The Devilman Manga was known for its excessive use of graphic violence and very dark themes to keep the plot running. The Devilman Crybaby anime does the same as well. It takes a story that was already too dark and turned it pitch black.

Anime to Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan

Akira Fudou is a normal school going boy who is then possessed by a powerful demon called Amon. As the new leader of a demonic faction, Akira now must lead the fight against the Devil and God as the new half-demon and half-human superhero called Devilman. If you are planning on watching this, be warned things might get pretty ugly at times.

 9. Gantz

What if you had another shot at making it back to the land of the living right after you died? Would you take it or would you let things go and let your spirit pass on to the afterlife? That is the story of Gantz. In the universe of Gantz, some people die and are then literally “faxed” into a room with a huge black ball in the center called Gantz.

Anime to Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan

Gantz will send them on missions to take out aliens and demons in exchange for 100 points per kill. If you collect enough points, Gantz will grant you your freedom and you can return to the real world. But the adventure can be very grueling and taxing at times. Gantz is one of the most mind-screwing anime of all time and there is a reason fans love it.

 10. Inuyashiki

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers

Inuyashiki could have been a normal tale of an old guy with a mid-life crisis finding new meaning in life. But boy does it get weird after that. After realizing his family does not love him, he decides to go to a field to kill himself. There he meets another high school kid. And BAM!! The entire field is engulfed in flames as an alien ship crash lands on the area.

Anime to Watch if You Are a Black Mirror Fan

But the aliens who were piloting the ship did not want to leave any traces of this mishap. Two dead bodies would have been a bad call so they used whatever resources they had at the moment to remake their bodies. Since the ship was full of alien mobile weapon units, that was what they used to make both their bodies. Little did they know that one of them is actually a sadistic serial killer in the making and is going to use those powers for evil!

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