Doctor Doom Reveals Weapon Powerful Enough to Kill All Mutants

Doctor Doom Reveals Weapon to Kill Mutants:

Doctor Doom is known to as one of the deadliest supervillains in the history of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. He is a threat to anyone and everyone. As the ruler of the tiny European Nation of Latveria, Doom has access to enormous resources and he is him-self gifted in terms of intelligence and power. He is one of the world’s greatest scientists and researchers, a powerful sorcerer that could give Doctor Strange a run for his money, and a master manipulator and tactician. This time, Doom has come up with a weapon of his own design to irk the greatest superhuman community in Marvel Comics – Mutant-Kind.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for X-Men/Fantastic Four #2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…

The mutants of the Marvel Comic Book Universe have seen a lot of change for them over the years. After years of persecution under the hands of humanity, Magneto founded the first Mutant Nation on the island of Genosha. That ended up in disaster as a Sentinel Army invaded the mutant kingdom and millions of mutants died in the attack known as the Decimation Event. The Mutants have seen another such Kingdom pop up on the island of Krakoa – the new Mutant Nation under the guidance of Professor X as their leader.

This time Professor X is taking a rather different approach to the problem. Magneto had shunned Genosha’s borders to human beings. Only mutants were allowed to get in. But Professor X has decided to open up Krakoa’s borders for all humans and mutants. Nearly all the world’s mutants have traveled to Krakoa and now live there. There are some mutants that still live in the arms of humanity and refuse to submit to Professor X’s wishes. Franklin Richards, the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, and a powerful Omega Level Mutant with reality-warping powers were paid a visit by the X-Men who tried to convince the Fantastic Four to let Franklin come to Krakoa where he will be kept safe and protected.

Franklin Richards is now a teenager and like a typical teenager who will find any way to rebel against his parents, Franklin decided to pay a visit to Krakoa even though his parents were against him going there. On the way to the island, Franklin encounters a weapon of mass destruction created by Doctor Doom that is aimed to wipe out the mutant population of Earth.

Doctor Doom Reveals Weapon to Kill Mutants

Doom captures Franklin and Val and tries to reason with them why they are under his captivity in the newly formed Doom Island. Franklin’s powers are depleting and Reed Richards, the X-Men and the rest of the folks are all worried whether Franklin will lose his abilities. Doom wants to help too because he loves Sue Storm’s children. But he needs time to study Franklin and understand the root cause of the problem. The Fantastic Four and the X-Men are en route to Doom Island to retrieve Franklin Richards from the clutches of Doom. So Doom reveals his secret weapon.

Doctor Doom Reveals Weapon to Kill Mutants

He reveals he has an army of Sentinel-Doombot Hybrids under his command. The same Sentinel Army once destroyed the island of Genosha and plunged the mutant world into a deep slumber, the after-effects of which are still being felt throughout the world. Is Doom trying to create another Decimation-like event with his new robot army made out of Sentinel Technology?? The Mutant World is in threat and at peril yet again. Will they ever catch a break??

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