DC Comics Reveals The Flash is Not The Fastest Superhero – It’s Martian Manhunter

Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter:

The Fastest Man Alive is one of the most powerful superheroes of the comic book universe. The Flash is the Avatar of the Speed Force. He can run faster than the speed of light. He can evacuate an entire city and out-run a nuclear blast within a pico-second. He can do stuff even Gods could only dream of. But looks like he is not the only one who can! The Flash has had many challenges that he has mercilessly defeated over the years. But looks like there is finally a contender that has managed to show the Flash the Finger! And that superhero had always been a close ally of the Flash and the Scarlet Speedster never even knew. It is the Martian Manhunter – the last Martian from Mars who is a member of the Justice League.


Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter


SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for DCeased. Enter at your own risk…..

The DCeased comic book arc is one of the most memorable and harrowing tales within the DC Comic Book Universe. It was a dreaded nightmare for the fans of the DC Comic Book Universe. But out of that chaos has emerged a champion of Speed. And this guy is so fast he is apparently an infinite time faster than the Flash himself.

Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter

The Flash Family has added a lot of members over the years. The Speed Force conduits have expanded to form their own personal army. There is Wally West – the fastest Flash to ever exist. There is Barry Allen – the very reason the Speed Force exists (every time Barry Allen runs, the resulting lightning energy emanating in his wake feeds the Speed Force, keeping it perpetually in motion). While any Flash in history is faster than the fastest Non-Speed Force speedster in DC history, there is a new guy in town to challenge that status quo. But turns out this guy belongs to a whole new world within our solar system. The Martian Manhunter is a superhero we always thought for a psychic mind mage. Who knew a blood-thirsty and evil Martian Manhunter could actually use the full extent of his powers and reveal that he had been holding back this whole time!!

Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter

This is a historic event that must be recorded in the annals of DC Comics History. The Flash was not fast enough to stop the Martian Manhunter. The un-dead virus has been spreading like wildfire in the DC Universe and no matter what the heroes try to do to stop the infection from spreading further, so far they have been immensely unsuccessful at repelling the epidemic. The Flash realizes that one of the infected heroes has managed to slip through his super-fast senses and is so quick on his feet that even the Flash is not able to keep up.

Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter

Now listen to this – the Flash does not just have lightning speed. He also has lightning-fast reflexes. The reason he is able to swivel around a city without hitting a truck on the road at Mach 7 is that his senses can perceive things at a drastically slowed down rate, akin to extreme slow motion. Even with that ability, the Flash could not anticipate the fact that the Martian Manhunter(now infected) had broken into the Fortress of Solitude and sliced Lex Luthor into two pieces. The only glimpse of the Martian Manhunter the Flash gets is right before the former punches a massive hole in the body of the Flash.

Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter

The Flash, who is infected now, will either be killed by Superman or join the hunt to devour the world of all life. Maybe in his infected form, the Flash might be able to achieve an even greater amount of speed than the Martian Manhunter. But that is a different tale. For now, this will do.

Fastest Superhero of DC Comics Martian Manhunter

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