Majuli Mp3 Song Download in High Definition (HD) Audio For Free

Majuli is an Assamese song that is sung by Nilotpal Bora. It is a part of his music album that goes by the name: Pancham. The album was digitally launched in Mar 2017. Given below are the details for Majuli Mp3 Song Download along with the download link.

  • Song Released in Mar, 2017
  • Native Album: Pancham
  • Native Language: Assamese
  • Singer(s): Nilotpal Bora
  • Song Duration: 4:15 mins

Majuli Mp3 Song Download

Something About Nilotpal Bora

He belongs to a family of musicians and as a result of that, he has been closely associated with music since his childhood. But alternate to that during his childhood days he was not very fond of music, he used to dislike it. His raising was done in his uncle’s house where from morning till evening he used to see everyone practicing ‘ragas’ and there wasn’t any occasion when locals didn’t come to their home for practice sessions.

His first career choice was joining the Army. The first ever musical instrument from which he began his training in music was ‘Tabla’. That happened because his mother forced him into it.

He found it irritating initially but now he knows its importance as the training sessions are of great help till date.

Lyrics of the Song

Riniki Rinki Rangoli Beliti

Jilike Majulite Oi

Jethore Jurula Khaune Xohua

Bukute Bongeet Hoi

Aai Oi Dehi Xopunor Ragi Dusokute Kinu Sotiyali

Jiki Miki Rodali Hahibine Ebeli Potharote Xunguti Hoi

Barikhare Godhuli Thakibone Eibeli Nodikhoni Mone Mone Xui

Bhaunare Aakhora Nokoriba Xemeka Bilapore Sokulu Mosi Lua 

Ligangore Dhulia Bhagori Noporiba Baki Ase Bohu Xadhu Kotha

Ribi Gaseng Boi Thobi Bhoni

Aahi Aase Ronga Beli Aaji

Jhiki Miki Rodali Umolibo Ebeli

Majulire Mojiyate Roi

Siki Miki Godhuli Ujolibo Eibeli Aaitare Aaxolore Jui

Riniki Rinki Rangoli Beliti

Jilike Majulite Oi

Jethore Jurula Khaune Xohua

Bukute Bongeet Hoi

Riniki Rinki Rangoli Beliti

Jilike Majulite Oi


This song is available online on the below mentioned link:

Majuli Mp3 Song Download Here

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