Funny New Easter Egg Spotted in The First Thor Movie Almost a Decade Later

The great part about all the MCU movies is that the filmmakers hide funny little Easter Eggs that daunt us to watch these films multiple times to know everything there is hidden in the movie. Some Easter Eggs end up becoming key to link the plot of different movies together and some are there just for fun. Films like Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy and a few others are a gold mine for Easter Eggs as there’s one placed at almost every corner. Some films like Thor hide Easter Eggs right in plain sight only to be noticed years later.

Thor Easter Egg

Thor made his MCU debut back in 2010, and now we’re here, 9 years later cheering for him to kick Thanos’ ass, and get in bed with Captain Marvel. Thor has been the third pillar of the MCU, along with Iron Man and Captain America. While the first two Thor movies were a bit weaker, the God of Thunder totally shifted gears in the third Phase, starting with Thor: Ragnarok. Being the strongest Avenger, he took all the responsibility upon his shoulders to save the day and ensure peace among the 9 realms.

Thor Easter Egg

Well, he obviously failed recently, having lost his planet, his brother, friend, and half the people of the entire Universe. But we will see him give it all he has in his potentially final outing, Avengers: Endgame. Before we get to that, here’s a reminder of how Thor used to smile before he turned on his brood mode in Infinity War.

The picture on the fake ID Selvik gives the Sheild agents in Thor uses the picture Darcy takes of Thor in the diner. from marvelstudios

The second trailer of Avengers: Endgame was good for us because we finally saw Thor pull out a smile again. Well, all it took was Nick Fury to call a girl galaxies away, to match the power of the mighty God of Thunder. This is believed to be the final movie of Thor as Chris Hemsworth hasn’t resigned any new contracts just yet. In fact, he doesn’t even know how his story will come to an end.

Having appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Chris Hemsworth talked about the insane things that happened on set. Now the funny thing is that he actually doesn’t know the final fate of Thor, he said:

“We’ve been doing the press tour and everyone’s like, ‘Tell us about the movie,’ and we’re like, ‘We can’t.’ Can’t tell you anything. It’s funny, I feel like a fan of this whole thing as much as anyone else, and I’m interested to see if I live or die or what happens to me [laughs]. I have a rough idea of what happens, but no, I have not seen the film and I really do not know how it ends.

Thor Easter Egg

We shot number three and number four, Infinity War and [Endgame], over eight months and back and forth from both films and overlapping … and it was being written while we were shooting and the other one was being edited and so on. During it, ‘Okay, what am I saying today, this is cool,’ and I trust the directors have us in the right place. I mean, this is, what, 22 films now across 10, 11 years? I don’t think there’s anything in cinematic history that’s ever been building to a film like this.”

Thor Easter Egg

So yea, the actors do have a rough idea of what’s going to happen, but not everyone would know the reality of it. Hemsworth obviously doesn’t know about his future, but he certainly wants to continue. He said:

“This is sort of Marvel’s Phase Three wrapping up and culmination of all this journey, whether or not they go off and shoot other things — prequels or sequels or whatever they can do — I mean Loki (Tom Hiddleston), my brother, has come back nine times, every time he dies he just keeps appearing. So who knows what’s in store for anyone. Me personally, it’s the best fun I’ve ever had, and I’d be happy to do more if they wanted me. More than happy.”

We can only hope for Thor to continue post Avengers: Endgame. Let’s see what happens.

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