27 Popular Celebrities Reimagined As Your Favorite Avengers

We all love `Avengers cast no doubt but fans love to imagine other celebrities to step on the cast we already have. Check out these popular celebrities reimagined as your favorite Avengers:

Natalie Dorman as Star-Lord

Alison Brie As Captain America

Beyonce as Spider-Man

Chris Pine As Black Widow

Dwyane ”The Rock” Johnson As The Hulk

Emily Blunt As Winter Soldier

George Clooney As Nick Fury

Jason Momoa As Drax

Jared Leto As Scarlet Witch

Jensen Ackles As Hawkeye

Johnny Depp As Doctor Strange

Katee Sackhoff as Captain Marvel

Katheryn Winnick As Captain Marvel

Kerry Washington As Nick Fury

Mila Kunis As Bruce Banner

Milla Jovovich As Black Widow

Amber Heard As Captain America

Rachel Weisz As She-Hulk

Rooney Mara As Loki

Ryan Gosling As Doctor Strange

Sandra Bullock As Iron Man

Shailene Woodley As Hawkeye

Teresa Palmer as Quicksilver

Tom Cruise as Iron Man

Emma Stone as Spider-Girl

Zoe Saldana As Falcon

Willa Holland As Spider-Man

Celebrities Reimagined As Your Favorite Avengers

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