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In this article, we will share with you the details of the Satbir Aujla’s latest Mp3 Song i.e. Tom and Jerry. Satbir Aujla has sung this track and wrote its lyrics too. Given below are the details for Satbir Aujla’s Tom and Jerry Mp3 Song along with the download link.

  • Music Label: Youtube Channel : Satbir Aujla
  • Lyricist(s): Satbir Aujla
  • Musician(s): Preet Singh
  • Singer(s): Satbir Aujla
  • Song Duration: 1:25 mins

Satbir Aujla Mp3 Song Download

Something About Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry was an US animated series of short films, created back in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It is centered on a rivalry between its two title characters, Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse, and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy.

The series shows comic fights between an iconic set of adversaries, a house cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry). The plots of each short usually centers on Tom’s numerous attempts to capture Jerry and the mayhem and destruction that follows afterwards.

Tom on few occasions, succeeds in catching Jerry, mainly because of latter’s cleverness, cunning abilities, and luck. There are however, several instances, within the series, where they display genuine friendship and concern for each other’s well-being.


Lyrics of the Song


Nikki Nikki Gal nu Wdhayi Rakhne

24 Ghante Khap Khana Payi rakhde

Ik dusre nu karke shudayi rakhde

Tainu Sah na len dindi

Mandi aa Yaaran ve

Par ik gal pakki hai

tere bin nahi aunda saah


Eh tom and jerry da tera mera hai rishta

Gal gal te ladhde aa

Unj pyar v bathera


Khith Mith Khith mith rehndi chaldi

Howe gal itho pyar di

Tu Yaaran nal time jhat pa lena ae

Mai TV Tuvi dekh saardi


Satbir tu Agg Warga

kithe khoya rehna ae

Tainu khon toh dardi aa

Pher chup kar jaani aa


Eh tom and jerry da tera mera hai rishta

Gal gal te ladhde aa

Unj pyar v bathera



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