Pesukiren Pesukiren Song Download In 320Kbps HD Audio

Pesukiren Pesukiren Song Download

Pesukiren is a Tamil song sung by Neha Bhasin. The music of the song has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the lyrics have been written by Na. Muthukumar. The song has been included in the film ‘Satham Podathey. Satham Podathey is a Tamil movie directed by Vasanth which features Prithviraj, Padmapriya and Nithin Sathya in the major roles.

The film has been produced by C. Shanker and R. S. Senthil Kumar under the banner Kaivallya Entertainment and the cinematography was handled by Dinesshkumaar. The film was released on 14th September 2007 and its running time is 157 minutes. Neha Bhasin has surely been a very promising singer and has contributed many amazing songs.

She has been really good in this song and has won the hearts of many music lovers with her melodious voice. This song has been beautifully sung by her and for this song, she gained immense appreciation from many of her fans. She has surely been outstanding!

Pesukiren Pesukiren Song Download

Movie name: Satham Podathey
Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics by:  Na. Muthukumar
Artist: Neha Bhasin

Pesugirenn Pesugiren Un Idhayamm Pesugirenn

Puyal Adithann Kalangadhe Nan Pookal Neettugiren

Ethayi Nee Thoolaithalumm Manathai Tholaikadhae

Adangamale Alaipaivadhen 


Pesugirenn Pesugiren Un Idhayam Pesugiren

Puyal Adithan Kalangadhe Nan Poọkal Needdugirenn..

Kadall Thandum Parvaikellamm

Ilaiparaa Marangal Illaii

Kalangamale Kandam Thandume

Ohh Ohh Oh ….

Mutrupulli Arugil Neeyumm

Meedum Chinnaa Pulligal Veithai

Mudivigul Endrumm Arambame

Valavillamall Malai Kidayathu

Vali Illamall Manam Kidayathu

Varunthadhe Vaaaa 

Adangamale Alaipaivadhen


Kaatil Ullaa Chedigalukellamm

Thaneer Utraa Alle Illai

Thannai Kaakave Thanai Valarume

Pengall Nenjin Barangall Ellamm

Peniyaa Kọnjaa Neramm Thane

Unnaii Thọndinal Inbam Thọndrume

Vidiyamall Thann Ọru Iravethu

Valiyamall Than Ullam Kidayathu

Varunthadhe Vaaa

Adangamale Alaipaivadhen


Pesugirenn Pesugiren Unn Idhayamm Pesugiren

Puyal Adithann Kalangadhe Nan Poọkal Needdugirenn

Ethaii Nee Thoọlaithalumm 

Manathaii Thọlaikadhe

Pesukiren Pesukiren Song Download Here

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