Naal Marathi Movie Download HD 720p BluRay DVDRip x264

Naal Marathi Movie Download HD – Naal (Umblical cord in English) is a 2018 movie which was produced by Nagraj Manjule. According to a Times of India review, “Naal’ is a beautiful piece of work, mostly because of an emotional story & performances.

Naal Marathi Movie Download HD
Naal Marathi Movie Download HD

There is a sense of longing in the movie that prevails throughout. It is, in fact, a longing to know more, longing for answers. It’s this longing that Naal’s main character, Chaitanya (Shrinivas Pokale) experiences when he learns about the hidden truth about his life. The revelation by Chaitya’s maternal uncle sends the kid’s life haywire which in turn creates a distance between him & his mother who is unable to understand the reason behind her son’s changing behavior.


Shreenivas Pokale as Chaitanya Bhosale (Chaitya)

Maithili Thakare as Devi

Deepti Devi as Parvati

Devika Daftardar as Chaitya’s Mother

Nagraj Popatrao Manjule as Chaitya’s father

Seva Chavan as Chaitya’s Grandmother

Om Bhutkar as Chaitya’s maternal uncle

Ganesh Deshmukh as Gajya

Synopsis Of The Movie

Naal is the story of Chaitanya, an eight-year-old mischievous boy. Living in a remote village in Maharashtra, along with the banks of a river, he is fathered by a small-time landlord and pampered by a loving and caring mother. Naal is attached with Chaitanya’s emotional world and follows him on an unexpected journey.

The movie has been received with positive reviews some of which are as under:


For someone who like quality…this is it… Little slow in between… But it is need of story. Story ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Acting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Direction ⭐⭐⭐⭐👍 Award winning performances… 👍 Music ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


जरूर जरूर बघावा असा … एकही क्षण नजर हलू शकत नाही. सर्वाथाने परिपुर्ण… चैत्या ची अक्टिंग (?) विलक्षण. मायेचा ओलावा . आणि शेवटची 10 मिनिटे काही ही डायलॉग नसला तरी खिळवून ठेवतो. रोमांच, आशा, निराशा, लोभ, सुखात दुःख, आणि कमाल म्हणजे दुःखात सुख, मुला Shrinivas जिंकले. इतका लोभस, निरागस आणि सच्चा अभिनय शाब्बास. आणि जास्त लिहू शकत नाही कारण जपलेलं सिक्रेट तसेच कायम राहावे. काही न बोलता खूप काही सांगणारी एकमेव अॅक्ट्रेस तुला सलाम.

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