25 Fan Fiction Images of Marvel Characters At Hogwarts That Will Blow Your Senses

There are millions of die-hard fans of Harry Potter series and then there are millions of Marvel fans, what if these two biggest franchises get to meet each other or what if MCU casts were at Hogwarts. Can you imagine this? Yes, there are fans who imagined it and created something which is truly amazing. Check out the fantastic Fan Fiction images of Marvel Characters at Hogwarts which will blow your minds:

Wanda is a human wand!

Snape and Loki, as well as Thor and James, seem to get along!

Metamorphmagus Natasha Romanoff is Ravenclaw, even if she only pretends to know everything!

Legs or not, Rhodey will be part of the Avengers’ world!

Nick Fury!

Hufflepuff And Slytherin!


Phil And Captain America

Team Gryffindor!


In The Class!

Magical Steve Rogers!



Team Hufflepuff!

Cute Spider-man!



Marvel Characters At Hogwarts!


Hulk Wizard!

Team Slytherin!

So cute!

Team Ravenclaw!

Super Hawkeye!

Marvel Characters At Hogwarts

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