Utho Dev Baitho Dev Lyrics | Spiritual Song

Utho Dev Baitho Dev Lyrics – Utho Dev Baitho Dev is a spiritual song which is considered to be a Gurjar song. It’s a song to please Lord Vishnu. He is believed to be one of the principal deities of Hinduism and also the Supreme Being in its Vaishnavism tradition. Vishnu is believed to be the “preserver” in the Hindu triad (Trimurti) that also includes Brahma & Shiva.

Utho Dev Baitho Dev Lyrics
Utho Dev Baitho Dev Lyrics

Utho Dev Baitho Dev Lyrics

उठो देव, जागो देव

देव उठेंगे कार्तिक मास, कार्तिक मास,

नई है टोकरी नई है कपास, नई है कपास

जारे मूसे दाव कटाए, दाव कटाए

दाव कटाए जब जेबरी बटाए, जेबरी बटाए

जेबरी बटाए जब खाट बुनाए, खाट बुनाए

खाट बुनाए जब बामन देयो, बामन देयो

बामन देयो गोरी गाय, गोरी गाय

माय पूजे धीए खिलाए

वा को पुन्य अखंड जाए

भाभी पूजे नंदुल खिलाए

या को पुन्य महाफल होए

भुडभुडइया को आयो ताज

राज करें आशीष को बाप

भुडभुडइया को आयो ताज

राज करें अजीत को बाप

ओरे कोरे धरे चपेटा, धरे चपेटा

गुलाबो राज करें तेरे ही बेटा, तेरे ही बेटा

ओरे कोरे धरे मजीरा, धरे मजीरा

ये हैं बहनो तुम्हारे ही बीरा, तुम्हारे ही बीरा

उठे देव, जगे देव,

देव उठ गए कार्तिक मास

।।जय नारायण।।

End Of Utho Dev Baitho Dev Lyrics

Meaning of the song in English

Wake up, wake up

God will rise Kartik Mas, Kartik Mas,

New basket is new cotton, new cotton

Jai Moussa Dave Chopped, Dave Cut

Dab cut out when Jebri is divided, Jebri is divided

Gabri wallet

Cotton Knit When When Baman Deo, Baman Deo

Baman deo brown cow, white cow

Slow down my worship

Let’s go

Bhabhi Pooja Nandul Feed

Or may be lost

Iwo Taj to Bhudbhudaiya

Rish the father to Ashish

Iwo Taj to Bhudbhudaiya

Raj to Ajit father

Ore Kare Dhare Chepeta, Dhare Shapeta

Your son, your son

Ore Kore Dhare Majira, Dhare Majhera

These are your sisters, your bira, your own Birah

God, awake god,

God got up Kartik Mas

..Jay Narayan ..

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