25 Spectacular Thor And Loki Themed Products That You Must Buy

Thor and Loki are the Norse gods from Marvel comics. Thor is the god of Thunder while Loki is the god of Mischief. Loki has always been a pain in the a** for Thor. Here we bring you some of the super cool collection of Thor and Loki themed products that every fan must buy:

3D printed night light desk lamp replica of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir!

Cool Necklace!

Awesome Pen!

Cool Pendant!


Wonderful Neckpiece

Loki’s Helmet Designed Necklace!

Adjustable Bangle Charm Bracelet!

Are You Worthy Of The Mjolnir!


Loki Themed Bracelet!


Hammer of Thor Nightlight!

Hammer Pendant!

Hammer Tool Set!

Loki Faux Leather Mini Loungefly Backpack!

Loki god of mischief pendant!

Loki Hair Bow

Loki Helmet Shaped Adjustable Ring in Brass

Loki Zip-Around Wallet

Mjolnir Cufflinks

Pocket Watches

Asgardian Brothers

Thor Toilet Paper Holder

Thors Hammer Bottle Opener


Pooja Singh

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