Kunguma Pottu Gounder Mp3 Song Download

Available Now: Kunguma Pottu Gounder Mp3 Song Download

Kunguma Pottu Gounder is a 2001 Tamil drama genre film directed by Suraj (credited as G. Saisuresh) and produced by Vishnuram under Ganga Gowri Productions. The film casts Sathyaraj, Rambha in male and female leads respectively with Kausalya, Karan, Mouli and Goundamani in the supporting roles. The film was remade in Kannada language as Mutthu (2002) starring Ramesh Aravind. Given below are the details for Kunguma Pottu Gounder Mp3 Song along with the download link.

Kunguma Pottu Gounder Mp3 Song Download

  • Cinematography: D. Shankar
  • Edited by R. Suresh Rajan
  • Production Company: Ganga Gowri Productions
  • Release date: 8th June 2001
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Native Language: Tamil

The Plot of the Movie

Both Kandasamy (Sathyaraj) and his wife Alamelu (Rambha) are illiterates. With expectations for a more better future than theirs, they want their son to study in a reputed school, where ironically the pupil’s parents are required to be graduates. In order to deal with the situation, Kandasamy asks for Saraswati’s (Kousalya) help by asking to play his child’s mother.

The Cast of the Movie

  • Sathyaraj as Kandasamy/Kunguma Pottu Gounder (dual role)
  • Rambha as Kandasamy’s wife Alamelu
  • Kausalya as Saraswati
  • Goundamani as Kandasamy’s friend
  • Karan as Saraswati’s lover
  • Ramesh Khanna
  • T. S. B. K. Moulee
  • Vinu Chakravarthy
  • Pandu
  • Sindhu
  • Radhika Chaudhari

About Songs of the Movie

  • It has 5 Tracks in Total
  • Music Released in Dec, 2001
  • Music Label: Saregama
  • Native Language: Tamil
  • Music Composed By Sirpy
  • Song Lyrics Written By Palani Bharathi and Ravishankar

Poovum Kaatrum

  • Singer(s): Unnikrishnan
  • Song Duration: 4:48 mins

Mudhan Mudhala

  • Singer(s): Unnikrishnan and Anuradha Sriram
  • Song Duration: 3:51 mins

Azhagana Ponnu

  • Singer(s): Mano
  • Song Duration: 4:39 mins

Izhutthu Izhutthu

  • Singer(s): Anuradha Sriram and Mano
  • Song Duration: 4:41 mins

Kozhi Kuzhambu

  • Singer(s): Goundamani and Krishnaraj
  • Song Duration: 4:39 mins


Above songs are available online on the below link:

Kunguma Pottu Gounder Mp3 Song Download Here

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