Goku’s Hidden Strength Revealed by Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super:

We all know how much powerful Goku is and in the recent episode titled as ‘Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No. 17’s United Front!!’ displayed the powers and inner strength Goku have in him as the episode tells us some kind of story in which we saw that Goku was finally able to earn the trust of Android 17 as he helped him in knocking off some intergalactic poachers and got to see the hidden strength of Goku in the show.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

In the show, we saw that it was none another than Android 17 who was thinking about the decision of reminding about the hidden strength Goku has in himself. Also, the strength or power he has is also the source of strength for all the universe 7 since the Dragon Ball began back in time. That power Goku has is that he can turn his worst enemies into one of his most trusted and strongest allies.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

The best thing about this is that we finally got to see a real and actual meeting between Android 17 and Goku as we all know that they both were enemies back in Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z. We all know that both Android 17 and 18 were designed in order to kill Goku but it was the mind and brilliance of Goku that they’re now fighting form the side of Z-Fighters and are also one of the most popular and famous allies of Goku who were once his enemies.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

We have also seen a lot of time in the past that one of the biggest enemies of Goku just got turned into one of his best friends or allies as we saw this with Tien, Piccolo, and Vegeta. We all know that the biggest example in the context of his power is that even Vegeta turned his partner in crime after a lot of great historic battles in between them.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

So, as we all know that in Dragon Ball Super we will see the adventures in which Goku and his friends went after defeating Majin Buu as they want to bring peace to the world.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

There are a lot of great powers in the hands of Goku and we have seen that many times in the past as we all know that he is a Saiyan and have some seriously powerful superhuman strength. He is also regarded as one of the toughest and mightiest superheroes of earth, he is very powerful as he can concentrate his Ki and can sue it order to damage his enemies as he can throw a lot of energy blasts on his enemies.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

We all know that Goku is very powerful but he is also very smart and as we have seen in the past that he turned even Vegeta into his side with all the use of mind and intelligence as he found that soft corner in the heart of Vegeta and we all know that their friendship started when they both faced the deadly Frieza. They both worked together and it was a dream come true to see both of them working together in front of Frieza who was very powerful.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

Another bond of friendship was between Piccolo and Goku as we all know that after defeating Raditz it was Goku who died and went into the afterlife and told everyone not to wish for have him back as he wants to train with King Kai in order to increase his powers. Piccolo was the one who trained Gohan who was the son of Goku and after that, there are a lot of adventures and stories.

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Dragon Ball Super Goku

So, there are news and reports that ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ is going to soon hit the theaters in Japan soon and arguably in next month. But, is expected to come in the U.S. on January 16, 2019. the fans of Dragon Ball Z can watch the English duo exclusively on Adult Swim in the time of Toonami programming block evenings of Saturdays only on 9:30 p.m.

So, are you excited for ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’? Tell us in the comments section below.

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