25 Fantastic On-Set Images of Deadpool That Every Fan Must See

Deadpool took everyone by surprise. Today, he is hailed as one of the funniest and best superheroes. There are many superheroes who try their hand at humor – be it Spiderman or Iron Man. But Deadpool is one superhero who is an epic troller. He is truly the king of comedy, yet the most bad-ass assassin in the Marvel universe. Here we bring you some of the awesome on-set images of Deadpool that every fan must see:

Ryan Reynolds And The Stunt Double!

On-Set Images of Deadpool


Without The Eye Mask!

Handsome As Ever!


On-Set Images of Deadpool!

The Plane Shoot!

Fitting Up the Mask!

Super Cool!


It’s Like Nobody Can Defeat Him!



The Green Screen!

Get Ready!

According To the Script!

Without The Special Effects!

So Many Suits!

 Upside Down!

I’m Off For A Coffee Mind My Mask!






Settling The Mask!

That Smile!



Without VFX!

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