25 Super Cool Guardians of The Galaxy Themed Products That You Must Buy

Guardians of the Galaxy was the riskiest project undertaken by Marvel Entertainment as only the dedicated fans were aware of the characters. Superhero lovers, in general, had no clue what to expect. The movie surpassed everyone’s expectations and made Guardians as the coolest crew ever assembled in a superhero movie. Check out the awesome Guardians of The galaxy themed products that you must add to your superhero collections:

Mary Poppins, Yondu Chain!

Pencil Holder!

Groot Watch!

Rocket Raccoon Keyring!



I Am Groot Earphones!

Awesome Mix Vol.1 Pendant!

Baby Groot (Brooch, Magnet)!

Baby Groot Mug!

Groot pendant!

Baby Groot Planter!

Adorable ring!

Star-Lord Helmet Mugs!

Cute Flower Pot!

Groot Swing!

Groot Power Bank!

Beautiful Studs!

Awesome Mug!

Infinity Orb with LED!

Led Light FX Starlord Nightlight!

Pen holder!

Retro Recordable Player!

Rocket Raccoon mini backpack!

Shaker Cup!

The ORB Necklace!

Groot Wallet!


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