Amma I Love You Kannada Movie Songs Download For Free

Available Now: Amma I Love You Kannada Movie Songs Download

About the Movie

Amma I Love you is an Indian Telugu language recent film from the year 2018. This film has gathered a lot of curiosity for many reasons. Once again it has brought together  KM Chaitanya, Yogish Dwarakish and Chiranjeevi Sarja all on one platform. It is the 51st film released under the Dwarakish Chitra banner, after a successful Chowka.

Also, it holds credit for being a remake of the successful Tamil emotional action drama Pichaikaran. The film has managed to entertain its audience with some funny sequences, thrill in the action scenes and also pluck the heart during those mother-son emotional interaction scenes. Given below are the details of the film such as plot, star cast, and songs detail after which the link to amma i love you kannada movie songs download is given for you.

Amma I Love You Kannada Movie Songs Download

The plot of the Film

Sidharth (played by Ravi Kale) belongs to a multi-millionaire family, and the very next legal heir apparent to his mother’s textile business. All of a sudden tragedy forces, Sidharth to leave behind his life (that was free from all the worries of arranging daily bread and butter) and take up begging. The whole film revolves around his ability to successfully carry forth this task and prove that his love for his mother can make him conquer everything?

Star Cast

Nishvika Naidu

Ravi Kale


Prakash Belawadi


Samragni Rajan

Chiranjeevi Sarja


About the songs

The album of the film has five songs in total and the album got released in May 2018 under the music label of DGK Audio. The music of the songs is composed by Guru Kiran and the lyrics of the songs are written by V. Nagendra Prasad.

Songs Listing


Singer – Sunil Kashyap

Song Duration – 4:15 mins

Link –


Nee Yaaro Nanage

Singers – Santhosh Venky and Mahalakshmi Iyer

Song Duration – 4:16 mins

Link –

Amma (Bonus Track)

Singer – Sadhu Kokila

Song Duration – 4:15 mins

Link –

Ee Mounave

Singer -Jyoti Radhakrishnan

Song Duration – 4:30 mins

Link –


Singers – Chintan Vikas and Siddhartha Belmannu

Song Duration – 4:53 mins

Link –

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