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About the Movie

The movie 24 Kisses is the new and recent 2018 Telugu romantic drama film, which is directed by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty and written by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty and Harishankar Tamminana while, produced by Giridhar Mamidipally, Sanjay Reddy and Anil Pallala with Kumar Krishnamsetty.

24 Kisses Movie Download
24 Kisses Movie Download

The film features Hebah Patel and Adith Arun in the lead roles with Kishore Gundala and Srinivasa Kapavaruapu are seen in the supporting roles. The film 24 kisses also feature music, which is composed by Joi Barua. Uday Gurrala and Anil Aalayam perfectly managed the cinematography and editing of the film.

It got released on 23rd November 2018 with the running time of 158 minutes and some positive reviews from the viewers. Given below are the details about the plot, cast, and songs listing of the film after which the link to 24 kisses movie download is given for you.

Plot of the Movie

This film has a romantic story with some comedy scenes and twist in it. The film shows up some modern-day relationship situations, 24 kisses is a story that shows the life of a couple as they suffers the ups and downs in their lives together, witnessing their love and passion towards each other this film is the full romantic musical film with the comedy element in it.

The conventional conflict between lust and commitment in their relationship gets some new twist and turn. Director Krishnamsetty tries to narrate the 24 different variants of kisses, (now we know from where the title came).  

Star Cast

Hebah Patel                      
Adith Arun         
Rao Ramesh      
V.K. Naresh
Srinivasa Kapavarapu    
Aditi Myakal      
Kishore Gundala 

Sound Tracks

The album of the film 24 kisses includes 9 songs and all the songs are written by Ramajogayya Sastry and the music is composed by Joi Barua and was released on 9th August 2018 under the music label of Silly Monks Music.

Note: You can watch online or download the 24 kisses full movie from the link given below:

24 Kisses Movie Download in DVD Rip
24 Kisses Movie Download in 720p

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