Rambo 2 Kannada Full Movie Watch Online For Free

As the name suggests, this article is about Rambo 2 Kannada full movie.

About the Movie 

  • It is an Indian Kannada comedy-drama.
  • Directed and Written by Anil Kumar.
  • It is produced by Atlanta Nagendra Sharan.
  • Music by Arjun Janya
  • Cinematography By Sudhakar S. Raj
  • Film Editing by K. M. Prakash
  • Production Company: Laddoo Cinema House and De Arte Studios and
  • Native Language: Kannada

The Cast of the Movie 

  • Sharan
  • Ashika Ranganath
  • Chikkanna
  • Bullet Prakash and
  • Tabla Nani

 The plot of the Movie 

A certain young man (Sharan), not much excited about his monotonous life, decides to spice it up by going out for a one-day adventurous trip. Without having a small idea about what the future has in its foetus for him, where he would be encountering a series of interesting episodes that land him in trouble and also at the same time, make him meet new people. The whole story revolves that will the situation be favourable to him? How will his journey turn out to be?

 Rambo 2 Kannada Full Movie

About the Songs of the Movie 

  • It has 6 Tracks in Total.
  • Music Label: Aananda Audio Video.
  • Released in Jan, 2018.
  • Music Composers: Arjun Janya

Dumm Maaro Dumm 

  • Lyrics By : Muthu
  • Singers : Aditi Sagar
  • Song Duration : 3:39 mins

Yavva Yavva

  • Lyrics By: Nagendra Prasad
  • Singers: Vijay Prakash
  • Song Duration : 3:29 mins

Chuttu Chuttu

  • Lyrics By: Shivu Bergi
  • Singers: Ravindra Soragavi and Shamitha Malnad
  • Song Duration : 4:18 mins

Bitt Hogabeda 

  • Lyrics By: Santhosh Naik and Ghouse Peer
  • Singers: Mehaboob Saab
  • Song Duration : 5:03 mins

Elli Kaan Ellikaaneno 

  • Lyrics By: Yogaraj Bhat
  • Singers: Puneeth Rajkumar
  • Song Duration : 4:23 mins

Bellege Bellege

  • Singers: Chikkanna

Rambo 2 Kannada Full Movie

You can watch the full movie below

Rambo 2 Kannada Full Movie Watch Online Here

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