My Hero Academia Two Heroes Full Movie Free Download

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a 2018 Japanese anime superhero movie that is based on the manga My Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshi. It takes place before the start of the Season no. 3 during Deku’s summer vacation. It is set between the second & third seasons of the anime series, the movie was directed by Kenji Nagasaki & produced by Bones. Anime Expo hosted the movie’s world premiere on 5th of 2018 and it was later released to cinemas in Japan on 3rd of August 2018. You can find the Sound cast and the synopsis below after which the download link My Hero Academia Two Heroes Full Movie Free.

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Full Movie Free
My Hero Academia Two Heroes Full Movie Free

Sound Cast

Character          Japanese Voice Actor        English Voice Actor
Izuku Midoriya      Daiki Yamashita                 Justin Briner
All Might Kenta            Miyake                   Christopher R. Sabat
Katsuki Bakugō     Nobuhiko Okamoto       Clifford Chapin
Ochako Uraraka         Ayane Sakura               Luci Christian
Tenya Iida                   Kaito Ishikawa            J. Michael Tatum

Shōto Todoroki               Yūki Kaji                 David Matranga
Momo Yaoyorozu          Marina Inoue         Colleen Clinkenbeard
Eijiro Kirishima               Toshiki Masuda          Justin Cook
Minoru Mineta               Ryō Hirohashi            Brina Palencia
Kyōka Jirō                          Kei Shindō             Trina Nishimura
Denki Kaminari            Tasuku Hatanaka             Kyle Phillips
David Shield                  Katsuhisa Namase         Ray Chase
                                   Ryōhei Kimura (young)
Melissa Shield                  Mirai Shida                 Erica Mendez
Wolfram                         Rikiya Koyama             Keith Silverstein

Synopsis of the movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Deku and All Might receive an invitation to I-Expo, The World’s Leading Exhibition of Quirk Abilities and Hero Item Innovations. Amid the excitement, Deku meets a girl who is Quirkless, just like he once was. Suddenly, I-Expo’s Top-Of-The-Line Security System gets hacked by villains and a sinister plan is set in motion. It’s a serious threat to Hero Society and one man holds the key to it all.

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Full Movie Free Download Here

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