25 Fantastic Twilight Fan-Casting Better Than The Existing Ones

Twilight movies are based on best-selling YA novels by the same title written by best-selling author Stephenie Meyer. The movies were more corny and outlandish while books were more balanced. But fans always thought things straight out from everything. Here we bring you the awesome Twilight fan-casting better than what we got in the movies:

Hugo Weaving as Aro

Emily Browning as Bella Swan 

Henry Cavill as Carlisle Cullen

David Harbour as Charlier Swan 

Shiloh Fernandez as Edward Cullen

Tom Sturridge as Edward Cullen

Alexander Skarsgard as Emmett Cullen

Lily Collins as Alice Cullen

Liv Tyler as Esme Cullen

Hugh Jackman as Garrett

Ben Stiller as James

KJ Apa as Edward Cullen

Amber Midthunder as Leah Clearwater

Anton Yelchin as Mike

Millie Bobby Brown as Jane


Natalie Portman as Bella 

Nicholas Hoult as Jasper

Rachel Mcadams as Rosalie Hale

Millie Bobbie Brown as Renesmee Cullen


Rosie Huntington Whitley as Rosalie Hale

Steven Strait as Jacob

Tyler Hoechlin as Emmett

Angelina Jolie as Victoria

Winona Ryder as Alice Cullen

Pooja Singh

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