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27 Extremely Real Star Wars Cosplays That Will Blow Your Mind

Star Wars is no more a franchise. It is a religion. Several actors have graced the silver screen in its honor. Almost each Star Wars movie is revered and held sacred by its half a century old fan base. The Old World and the New, the upcoming quasi-centenarians and the millennials, everyone knows and respects the franchise. Star Wars is a phenomenon like none other we have ever seen.

Fans are that crazy about each and every character that they did their best to represent them by being their cosplays. Here we bring you the extremely real Star Wars cosplays that will blow your senses:


Star Wars Cosplays

Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars Cosplays

Boba Fett


Crystal Trooper

Cyborg Leg Darth Maul


Dark Rey and Kylo Ren


Darth Bane


Darth Talon

Female Kylo Ren

General Grievous


Grand Admiral Thrawn


Lady Lobot

Lama Su

Pinup C-3Poand R2-D2

Queen Amidala


Rey Jakku Gear Edition!

Sabine Wren

Satele Shan

Shaak Ti

Slave Leia

Storm Troopers

Twi’lek Slave


Zabrak Sith

Pooja Singh

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