Mahaan Kanakku Tamil Full Movie Download

As the name suggests here in this article the topic of discussion is Mahaan Kanakku Tamil full movie download.

About the Movie 

This movie belongs to both Action and Comedy Genre. It was released back in 2011 on 30th December. It wasn’t a commercial success with not so good reviews from its critics.

  • Its Native Language is Tamil.
  • Screenplay and direction are done by Sampath Arumugam.
  • Tamil Actor Ramana is in the male lead paired with Richa Sinha who is playing the female lead in the movie.
  • Music Direction is done by A K Rishal Sai
  • Movie Duration is 120 mins.

The story of the Movie

Mahaan Kanakku Tamil Full Movie Download

The movie story revolves around the common problems that the middle class faces in everyday life, either directly or indirectly. The issue is about how private banks harass their customers, in the name of loan recovery. Ramana, an MBA Post-Graduate wages a battle against their wrongdoings.

In a nutshell, this movie is about an individual’s crusade against the alleged high-handedness of some private banks in the country who fleece the borrowers in the name of interest. 

Mahaan Kanakku Jeeva (Ramana) is a happy-go-lucky youngster, who leads a contented life in Coimbatore with his sister Janaki (Devadarshini) and her husband Vardharajan (Srinath). For Jeeva’s higher education, Varadharajan obtains a loan from OCOC bank. Though he repays the loan, without any reason he is harassed by bank officials and their collection agents. He faces humiliation by them at his workplace and at his home too. Unable to bear their tortures, Varadharajan commits suicide with his family. Only after their death, Jeeva comes to know about the incident. He now vows to teach these private banks a lesson. Jeeva lands in Chennai with a mission now. He fakes his identity and uses all loopholes in the legal systems and borrows huge money from banks. One fine day without repaying them, he disappears. All the bank officials run to get hold of him. Eventually, when he is caught and brought to a special court for the hearing, he throws light on the attractiveness of these banks and gives a call that private banks be nationalized for they have spelt doom on many families.

Note: To more about the movie, try a Google Search.

Mahaan Kanakku Tamil Full Movie Download Here

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