25 Shocking Fan-Made Female Versions of Marvel Actors

Marvel actors are no doubt the super handsome of all and fans admire them like crazy. But then these fans created something which is totally beyond imagination. Here check out the shocking fan-made female versions of Marvel actors that will blow your minds:

Mark Ruffalo

Female Versions of Marvel Actors

Chris Hemsworth

Paul Rudd

Female Versions of Marvel Actors

Dave Bautista

Ian McKellen


Tom Holland

Vin Diesel

Ryan Reynolds

Chris Evans

Josh Brolin

Jeremy Renner

Benedict Cumberbatch

Patrick Stewart


Paul Bettany

Chris Pratt

Robert Downey Jr.

Chadwick Boseman

Hugh Jackman

Sebastian Stan

Bradley Cooper

Tom Hiddleston

Michael B Jordan

Benedict Cumberbatch

Michael B Jordan

Vin Diesel

Pooja Singh

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