Captain Marvel vs Superman: Here’s Why Carol Danvers Will Obliterate Clark Kent

The battle between Marvel and DC will continue to go on and on till the time the fanboys will keep on fighting with each other. The two major comic book houses have some really fascinating characters who could work really well together, but things get tougher and more tacked on when the two are pitted together. Let’s take the strongest character from Marvel and DC, Captain Marvel and Superman. Both of them have the strength to annihilate anything that comes in their way. But the question of who is stronger will always be there in the back of our heads. So, let’s just go ahead and see who will win when Superman takes on the strongest that Marvel has to offer.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel entered the air-force to portray her life-long dream of flying. She was later recruited as an intelligence agent for CIA because of her stellar performance, superb combat skills and natural intellect and that is where she met Nick Fury. Later she even took a position with NASA and from here on her mortal enemy Col. Yon Rogg kidnapped her and used her as bait against Mar-Vell as the two had a history of conflicts.

So, here Carol was caught in the middle of a fierce battle, and along with Mar-Vell, she was present in an explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device. This is where Danvers became Captain Marvel as the energy bombardment somehow caused Carol’s genetic structure to be melded with Mar-Vell’s and Earth got a perfect hybrid of Kree and human genes in addition with Mar-vell’s Kree knowledge, training and a massive set of powers!

Captain Marvel vs Superman

Captain Marvel is insanely powerful as she possesses much more than the cliché Super Strength, Speed, Stamina, Flight, and Durability. Along with these basic powers, she has a sixth sense which is a precognitive ability that allows her to subconsciously recognize danger even before it occurs, and even predict an enemy’s attacks even before they make them. Added to this, she has enormously strong energy blasts, moreover, she can even absorb energy and become even stronger with her attacks. She can survive in space and vacuum, defy and control gravity around others as well!

But the power that actually makes her the strongest of all is that she transforms into her ultimate form which is called Binary. This allows her to reach her peak strength and go even beyond that. The level of her strength in Binary cannot be calculated practically and all her attacks and abilities that she possesses become even stronger. She even gains a wider range of abilities too. In her Binary form, her strength and flying ability get amplified which allows her to go even faster than the light-speed!

The Last Son of Krypton

Krypton’s last survivor Kal-El, son of Jor-El arrived on earth as an infant when Krypton was destroyed. He landed in America and was raised on a farm in Kansas by the name of Clark Kent, the son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark Kent is an extremely talented news reporter and when he finds someone in trouble, he swoops in to save the day.

As Clark grew older, he came to realize what his powers meant for and what he could do for the people of earth with them. He possesses Super-Strength, Super-Speed and agility, X-ray vision, heat vision, freeze breath and the ability to fly at speeds much faster than a speeding bullet. His only weaknesses are magic, Red Sun Radiation, and Kryptonite which weakens his Kryptonian cells and could kill him. His range of abilities make him the most powerful superhero and he is just invincible in a fight where there is no Kryptonite.

Superman can literally beat anyone if he does not hold back. He loses most of his fight because he holds back, and if he gets rid of that factor, there is no taking him down. The opponent should literally pray that he does not lose his mind in a battle because if he does, anyone standing in his way will end up like Zod!

Captain Marvel V Man of Steel

If you focus on the powers that Captain Marvel possesses and apply them to this battle, you would know that Sups is gonna be toast! Captain Marvel has all the abilities that Superman has, and she possesses so much more! The fact that she does not need any Kryptonite to beat Superman is just threatening in itself! Her seventh sense would allow her to anticipate and react to every attack Sups makes upon her. Since she can absorb energy, the heat vision won’t do Superman any good.

He being a skilled combatant even before she got powers would only help in her fight against Superman. Even if Superman does not hold back which he usually does and goes into God mode, Captain Marvel would still turn out to be victorious as she has her own God mode, which is her going to Binary form! Every power that she possesses just exceeds if she goes Binary. Her energy blasts would be much stronger than Superman’s heat vision when she is Binary.

Captain Marvel could use another one of Superman’s weaknesses to her advantage which is the red sun radiation that might not physically hurt the Man of Steel, it still takes away his powers and makes him no more powerful than an average human.

Since Captain Marvel could access all sorts of Solar Radiation including the Red Sun Radiation in her Binary form, so that outright would mean that it is game over for Superman. This fight would go on for a while due to the resistance and strength of Superman, but Captain Marvel will eventually emerge victorious anyway!

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