Bepanah Title Song Mp3 Download Free

Bepanah, as we all know, is a romantic mystery drama show that is aired on Colors TV. The TV show was premiered on 19 March 2018 & is produced by Cinevistaas Ltd. It stars Harshad Chopda & Jennifer Winget. Zoya Siddiqui and Aditya Hooda are 2 individuals brought together through the betrayal of their spouses. This article will help you solve the query Bepanah Title Song Mp3 Download Free. Please find the mp3 at the bottom.

In the show, Zoya and Aditya learn that their spouses Yash and Pooja have been found dead together in a road accident & then they come to know that the two were having an affair. While Zoya goes into denial, Aditya channels his grief into anger. Zoya takes over Yash’s company & Aditya declares himself her partner after learning that her ex-wife, Pooja, had invested his money into the company. Zoya and Aditya receive divorce papers from their spouses which reach them late.

Bepanah Title Song Mp3 Download Free
Bepanah Title Song Mp3 Download Free

When Zoya was unable to run from the truth anymore, she attempts a suicide but Aditya saves her life by preventing it. As the 2 bond with each other, a mysterious CBI inspector, Rajveer Khanna out of no where enters their lives with the aim to put both of them behind bars. He gets suspicious without any reason and thinks that they are guilty of the murder of their spouses & frames the two as such. Having grown to care enough to trust each other, Zoya and Aditya go on the run to prove that they are innocent.

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