30 Insane Fan Redesigns of Unexpected Harry Potter Couples

J.K. Rowling has introduced some super cute relations that keep a sense of romance on throughout the Harry Potter series. The story includes many love stories and adorable couples. But the Potterheads have always gone so far from the imagination and brings the unexpected couples together. Here’re some of those unexpected Harry Potter couples which fans took it to another level:

Harry And Hermione

Ginny Weasley And Luna Lovegood

Draco and Hermione

Hermione And Ginny

Draco And Harry

Draco And Hermione

Ron And Draco

Harry And Luna

Ginny And Draco

Harry And Neville

Harry And Ron

Harry And Luna


Ginny And Hermione

Lily And Remus

Luna And Ginevra

Luna And Ron

Lupin And Sirius

Harry And Draco Malfoy

McGonagall And Dumbledore

Pansy Parkinson And Hermione


Pansy Parkinson And Hermione

Parvati Patil And Lavender Brown

Ron And Draco

Scorpius Malfoy And Rose Granger-Weasley

Sirius And James Potter

Snape And Bellatrix

Teddy Lupin And James Sirius Potter

Harry And Draco

Hermione And Pansy

Harry Potter Couples


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