30 Insane Fan Redesigns of Unexpected X-Men Couples

The X-Men are a collection of different personalities from different worlds in the comics. Its only natural that certain characters would be attracted to each other. While some are forgettable, some remained unforgettable. And here we bring you the insane very wild fan redesigns of unexpected X-Men couples that will blow your senses:

Colossus And Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Beast And Gambit

Colossus And Northstar

Colossus And Rogue

Dark Beast And Mister Sinister

Darwin And Havok

Dazzler and Beast

Colossus And Deadpool

Deadpool And Psylocke

Deadpool And Kitty Pryde

Gambit And Wolverine

Hank McCoy And Jean Grey

Juggernaut And She-hulk

Nightcrawler And Quicksilver

Nightcrawler And Shadowcat

Professor-X And Magneto

Pyro, Rogue, And Iceman

Rogue And Jean Grey

Rogue  And Magneto

Scarlet Witch And Nightcrawler

Storm And Beast

Storm And Nightcrawler

Storm And Rogue

Thor And Storm

Toad And Nightcrawler

Wolverine And Jubilee

Wolverine And Nightcrawler

Wolverine And Rogue

Wolverine And Sabretooth

X-Men Couples

X-Men Couples: Colossus And Kitty Pryde

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