11 Ant-man and The Wasp Quotes You Will Always Remember

We saw the first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp back in February, and it literally blew everyone away by displaying the amazing possibilities of Ant-Man’s universe. This movie may or may not be as big as Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War at the box office, but it looks to be equally epic. It is bringing in a lot of creative and innovative aspects that the fans are going to love, and since it is a prequel to Infinity War, the plot of Infinity War may also be driven according to that up to an extent. Here are few Ant-man and the Wasp quotes you will always remember.

1) Dr. Bill Foster: I was partners with Hank on a project called Goliath.
Scott Lang: How big did you get?
Dr. Bill Foster: My record, twenty-one feet. You?
Scott Lang: Sixty-five feet.
Dr. Bill Foster: Sixty-five.
Hope van Dyne: If you two are finished comparing sizes.
Scott Lang: Sixty-five.


2) Luis: We’re going to die. I don’t want to die!
[Hope makes their van small to escape being crushed then makes them large again]
Luis: We didn’t die!
[Scott appears in the back seat]
Scott Lang: What did I miss?
Luis: We were just tiny!

3) Ava: Nothing can prepare you for what’s coming.


4) Hope van Dyne: What took you so long?

Scott Lang: She just wanted to give me a hug, wish me luck.

Hope van Dyne: Really?

Scott Lang: Yeah.

5) Scott Lang: You go low, I go high.
Hope van Dyne: I have wings. Why would I go low?


6) Hope van Dyne: [fights Ghost in her Wasp suit, though Ghost disappears; over the comm] Dad, are you seeing this?

Dr. Hank Pym: [watching Hope on the monitor with Scott] Hope, get out of there?

Ava: [reappears and flips Wasp onto a table]

Scott Lang: I gotta do something!

[goes to leave]

Dr. Hank Pym: Wait!

[takes out a miniature Ant-Man suit for Scott]

Dr. Hank Pym: He’s still a work in progress.

7) [referring to Hope; to Pym]
Scott Lang: She seems more intense.


8) Scott Lang: [sees Sonny Burch on a ferry that sails away] How did he even have time to buy a ticket?

[tries to shrink down to his miniature size by pressing a button]

Scott Lang: Won’t you just, one time, please, work!

[successfully shrinks down to his miniature size]

Scott Lang: Yes! Oh, alright, I need help. Yes!

[calls in a flying ant, though it is eaten by a bird]

Scott Lang: Oh… sorry.

Scott Lang: [calls in another flying ant, but it is again eaten by a bird] Hey! Come on, man! Not cool!

[the same thing happens with multiple other flying ants]

Scott Lang: Murderers!

[one flying ant catches him and starts to fly him to the ferry]

Scott Lang: Yes! I’m gonna call you ANT-onio Banderas!

[another bird eats ANT-onio]

Scott Lang: No, no!

[lunges off the flying ant and starts falling]

Scott Lang: ANT-onio!

9) Luis: Dr. Pym, I actually heard what happened to you. You opened up the quantum realm. That’s when this crazy creepy ghost who like walks through walls and stuff stole your tech. now she wants to take over the world, or whatever. Who would have believed that in your hour of need you would turn to us.
Dr. Hank Pym: Not me.
Luis: No, because we robbed you. Do you remember? That’s us.


10) Dr. Bill Foster: [From trailer] I was partners with Hank on a project called Goliath.

Scott Lang: How big did you get?

Dr. Bill Foster: My record – 21 feet. You?

Scott Lang: [Slight grin] 65 feet.

Dr. Bill Foster: 65?

Hope van Dyne: If you two are finished comparing sizes…

Scott Lang: [Smirking] 65!

ant-man and the wasp quotes

11) Cassie: [to Scott] You can do it. You can do anything. You’re the world’s greatest grandma.

These were 11 quotes from Ant-man and the Wasp. We hope you liked them

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