Here’s The Biggest Complaint That We Have With Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest and probably the best MCU movie ever. This was not your typical Marvel movie which is just a light-hearted fun adventure, but it was way more than that, having real stakes and consequences. The movie was a complete package as it had emotion, drama, suspense, thrill, humor, sci-fi moments and hardcore action. The movie ended in the most thrilling way possible and you would never have seen it coming and seeing the end we all had our jaws dropped on the floor.

There is no doubt about the movie- Avengers: Infinity War being absolutely amazing, but as the infamous phrase says, “Nothing is perfect”. The Russo Brothers handled this movie really well. Every aspect they put into play, every character, every scene, and every big plot point, every surprise cameo, and all the action sequences were accepted by the fans with open arms. But still, every area could not have been satisfied in this movie since it was such a huge event having almost 70 big characters appearing in the movie bringing in their own arcs and origins from different backgrounds.

Fans did have complaints from the movie as it did turn out different from what it was portrayed in the marketing material. Now, obviously, since this movie was so big, Marvel had to prevent spoilers from getting leaked or predicted by watching the trailers, so that is why major sequences in the trailers were different or altered. But, one of the biggest things that fans were disappointed with was the way Infinity War treated the Power Stone’s retrieval from Xandar.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy did a lot to set up Xandar, the Power Stone and the Nova Corps. Coming into Infinity War, we knew that it is going to be a heist movie since Thanos was on a rampage to collect all the Infinity Stones. So, we assumed that he was going to Xandar as well. Since, the first Guardians movie did so much to establish Xandar and things related to it, dishing the entire planet out with just one sentence of explanation really felt cheap.

The movie was 2 Hours and 29 Minutes long, and so many things had to fit into it. So the directors may have decided that adding the Xandar destruction sequence would actually slow the pace of the movie down, eat screen time, and would be a waste of resources as well. So they tried to put a convenient explanation for that as the movie began with Thanos already having the Power Stone, which meant that he has already attacked Xandar.

Moreover, Thor explained how Thanos wreaked havoc on that planet and the Nova Corps, bringing balance to their world by wiping out half the population. But putting a battle sequence over there would have been more in favor of the movie than the directors and the writers would have thought. But the biggest thing that did not make any sense was that Xandar being did not even call for help. The Guardians who were an ally for Xandar did not go to help the planet and even found out about it later. But they answered to the distress call that Thor’s ship made!

We would have gotten more screen time from Thanos, the fierce battle would have established Thanos’ wrath and might even better right at the beginning, and the follow-up to that on Thor’s ship would have felt even lethal. It would have even set a future for an upcoming Superhero in development by Marvel called Nova. Well, it still may have set the origin story of Nova without showing us, but having the destruction of Xandarians would have really helped the plot.

The movie was trying to move in a quick pace as it had to tell a good story in the given runtime, but increasing the runtime would have only made the movie more likable. The fans were a little disappointed with what they got there were at least a dozen scenes from the trailers that met the editing room’s floor and what we got in the final cut was a totally different movie. Above that, a scene that should have been in the movie does give us a negative vibe.

Avengers: Infinity War

Still, we should not be too sad and cranky about it as Marvel was able to pull off something really remarkable considering everything that happened in the movie. Avengers: Infinity War is currently playing in theatres, go watch it if you haven’t.

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