CompTIA A+ 220-901 Certification Exam: Complete Guide

Popular by the name CompTIA A+, the 220-901 exam is the primary step to obtain the A+ certification. This course comes with total dedication on concepts like hardware, Windows Operating Systems, software troubleshooting, networking, hardware and network troubleshooting, security, operational procedures, OS and other technologies, mobile devices, and much more. The examination prepares you completely for focusing on the IT technical operations and support. The course gives you an opportunity to learn the testing of PC peripherals and hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware, network connectivity issues, mobile device hardware, and much more that covers all the systems like iOS, Windows, Apple OS X, Android, Linux, Cloud computing fundamentals, security, communication skills, and operational procedures.

The CompTIA A+ certificate is one of the credentials that is bifurcated into two different exams, and namely CompTIA 220-901 & 220-902, that covers hardware and software aspects, respectively. The 220-901 certification test prepares the candidates for getting well prepared for solving problems and troubleshooting system and the networking of various mobile devices along with the security.

The A+ examination covers topics like:

  • Hardware Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Supporting Display Devices
  • Installation and configuration of Peripheral components
  • Management of system components
  • Management of data storage
  • Customization of client environments
  • Technologies with networking
  • Installation and configuration of networking capabilities
  • Supporting devices with mobile digital
  • Supporting multifunction devices and printers

Tips for Clearing CompTIA A+ 220-901 Examination:

The Examsnap CompTIA 220-901 exam comes with a total number of 90 questions that include multiple choice questions for both multiple and single response, performance-based questions and drags and drops, which needs to be completed in only 90 minutes. Isn’t it difficult?

Here are some quick tips that would help you in clearing this certification examination.

  • Know the exam objectives

When you know the objectives of the paper, you are about to appear for, it makes it easy for you to prepare for the examination and clear it. Also, know the percentage of importance given to each topic and learn accordingly. The content of the test is too transparent that makes it easy for the learners to weight the topics accordingly while learning. Also, the candidates are provided with the examination details like a number of questions, passing score, time limit, and much more. Hence, for clearing the course with ease, you can focus on the easy portion of the topics that comes with due importance.

  • Understanding the theoretical part

The 220-901 examination comes with a number of blueprint objectives which is provided by the institution in a total number of 52 PDF papers. These PDF pages hold a vital role in learning all the technical parts of dealing with computer repairs and other related skills. This means the course comes with total coverage to required knowledge and the objectives it comes with. The modules are also fully fledged with every minor detail of hardware concepts and exercises that are capable to provide you with all the theoretical part that is necessary to clear the examination. Hence, make sure you go through every theoretical portion you are provided with like modules, books, exercise files, forum papers, blogs, and much more.

  • Get mastery of the skills

Theoretically, obtaining the knowledge about the hardware and software concepts of the computers is much different than practically developing the skills it comes with. Hence, merely bookish knowledge is not enough. The candidates must also work efficiently on practical knowledge that helps in developing the required skills for professionalism. For the CompTIA 220-901 test, practical knowledge or say lab experience which includes topics like Oracle VM VirtualBox, Linux, Microsoft Evaluation Software, VyOS Virtual Router, and much more. Hence, it is also necessary the candidates go through actual or real experiences that will help in clearing the examination with ease. For this, the candidates might require outlets like technician tools for any PC and hardware that are broken and old. This helps in cultivating hardware skills that can also aid in clearing the examination with flying colors.

  • Practice the questions

Practice brings you to perfection with ease. Similarly, practicing the previous question papers will help in getting perfection for clearing the examination. Any of the courses you select would come with bundles of practice papers from legitimate vendors like Prepaway, Transcender and Boson. The candidates need to work on all the possible question paper sets that are available on the Internet, through tutors, etc. that come with a different level of difficulty. The candidates can also look for papers of the previous years from the testing centers that will also help in learning the paper style of the exam and prepare you for how to answer maximum questions quickly. Hence, the maximum number of papers you solve, the more you head towards completing the paper scoring maximum marks.

Training Course for CompTIA 220-901 Examination:

The training course helps in working with BIOS, RAM, CPU, power supplies, motherboards, etc. which includes the complete process like installation, maintenance, configuration, troubleshooting, smartphones, internet connection, etc. The training course includes:

  • Hardware
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Mobile Devices
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Other Operating Systems and Technologies
  • Operational Procedures
  • Security

Hence, while opting for the exam you must take CompTIA A+ Network+ Security+ Practice Test 220-901 220-902 Practice Tests, you will begin with the basics of hardware getting expertise in the field from the basics.

Top Resources for CompTIA 220-901 Examination:

The resources come in different forms that include books and other online modules. The book course comes with topics like:

  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Networking and security fundamentals
  • Safety and operational procedures
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows
  • Optimization and maintenance of Microsoft Windows
  • Working with operation systems
  • Networking technologies
  • The configuration of networking capabilities
  • Supporting mobile digital devices
  • Security threats, controls, and vulnerabilities
  • Implementation of security controls
  • Troubleshooting of system-wide issues

The course can also be referred from online sites that include the following resources in the form of online material, blogs, etc.

  • PrepAway
  • CertBlaster
  • PC Technician
  • CompTIA Marketplace
  • ExamCompass
  • Crucial Exams
  • Professor Messer
  • Firebrand Learn
  • ProProfs Study Resource
  • RM Robert Study Guides and Practice Tests
  • TechExams CompTIA A+ Forums
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