15 Most Embarrassing Roles of Deadpool Actors That They Want You To Forget

Deadpool is a Superhero that gets to do whatever he wants, make fun of whomever or whatever he wants without people questioning anything about it. The justification for this is simply because he is Deadpool! The first Deadpool movie was an awesome bag of jokes and nods at others. It made fun of so many other Superheroes and by the looks of the new Meet cable trailer, Deadpool 2 seems to be on the same path. The cast of Deadpool movie also is the awesome part. Yet we bring you the most embarrassing roles done by the Deadpool actors that will shock you:

1. Stan Lee

In Daredevil

2. Karan Soni

In Rough Night

3. Jed Rees

In Dudley Do-Right

4. Gina Carano

In Extraction

5. Isaac C Singleton Jr.

In Planet of the Apes

6. Leslie  Uggams

In Poor Pretty Eddie

7. Hugh Scott

In Pup Star

8. Ryan Reynolds

In R.I.P.D.

9. Rob Hayter

In Vendetta

10. Morena Baccarin

In Sands of Oblivion

11. Terry Crews

In Serving Sara

12. Randal Reeder

In So Undercover

13. T.J. Miller

In The Emoji Movie

14. Ed Skrein

In The Transporter: Refueled

15. Josh Brolin


In The Mod Squad

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