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29 Savage Goku vs Superman Memes That Will Start A War

Goku and Superman are the two powerful god-like characters from two different universes. Superman is from the DC universe and Goku is from the Dragon Ball universe. They both have the huge fan base and they always have a debate about which character is more powerful than the other. Here are some memes on the face-off between the two that might hurt the feelings of some fans:

A Weakling!

Even Krillin Can!

It took only 2 secs!

Seconds… maybe?

Here’s what Einstein says!

Talking about the Destruction!

Show him everything you got!



Keep Punching!

The End!

That’s It!

Goku Vs. Superman!


It Will Be Fun!

Might Be Photoshopped!

Hey Yeah!


What’s The Reality!


The Battle Ends Now!

Superman Reaction!

The Death Battle!


Superman Don’t Want A Fight!

The Actual reason!

That Was  A Dream!


Screw It!

goku vs superman memes

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