28 Amazing Images of Harry Potter Cast Outside The Hogwarts

Harry Potter cast have been working together for so long that it is obvious that they must have become very good friends outside the ”Harry Potter” world. Check out their amazing images outside the wizardly world having fun together:

Chillin’ Out Together!


Amazing Pic!

At some Party!

Went to a Gig Together!


Tom Felton on a Ride with Rupert Grint!

Laughing on a radio Show!

Crazy Two!

Lee Jordan and Fred Weasley having fun!

Nivelle and Luna Amazingly Together!


Awesome Pair!

Draco and Nivelle Having a Selfie Together!

Pretty Pics of Weasleys

Long Haired Harry and Ron

Crazy Couple!

Handsome Nivelle and Hot Draco!

Wonderful Moment!

Weirdly Cute!

The Laughter!

Again The Best Time!


Just Like That!

Crazy Ride!


Handsome Hunks!


Awesome Together!

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