15 Signs Which Will Tell You That A Girl Is ”Single”

In this new generation, it is really tough to know what other person is like? And in the case of loving someone, it is much harder to get what you exactly want. It is literally difficult to know whether a girl is ”single” or not and because of this situation boys hesitate to approach them. So guys here’re some tips which will not let you hang in the middle and will boost your confidence to go and get her:

1. She Will Check Out Every Single Boy

2. If She Don’t Leave You In Between The Conversation

3. If She Enjoys Being With You

4. If She is Sad Seeing Other Couples

5. If She Flirts

6. If She is Pissed About Being Single

7. She is Dressed Up For You

8. Friendly to Everyone

9. She Do Not Check The Phone Frequently

10. If She Smiles When She Looks At You

11. She Stares At You

12. She is Touchy

13. If She Doesn’t Look Around

14. If She Is Excited To See You

15. If She Makes An Eye Contact

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