20 Most Controversial Images Of Miley Cyrus

It’s stunning just how a Disney star is now a controversy child. Miley Cyrus is willing to let her clothes hit the floor at the earliest opportunity. Her bizarre way of dressing style just makes people wonder. Here’re some of the most controversial images which will prove how crazy she goes on stage:

1. Crazy Pic From ‘Bangerz’ Tour

2. Weird!

3. Haha!

4. Miley With Katy Perry

5. Pushing Boundaries!

6. Wrecking Ball!

7. She is Crazy Enough!

8. Bangerz Tour Faces Flood of Complaints

9. Instagram Image

10. Awkward!

11. VMA Red Carpet

12. Miley Cyrus With Robin Thicke Performing ‘Blurred Lines’

13. Outing!

14. Smoked Joint on Stage!

15. Ohk!

16. Embarrassing!

17. Recent Tour Went Crazy!

18. WTF!

19. Seriously?

20. Creepy!

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