35 Most Bizarre Statues Around The World Which Will Freak You Out

Bizarre Statues are difficult to understand. But there is always a depth of imagination used in the making of such disastrous and weird statues which can only be understood by the person with the most twisted minds. Here’re some of the strangest statues around the world which are creepy and amazing at the same time:

1. Incomplete Body Statue

2. Creepy!!

3. Amazing!

4. Ohk Can anyone guess this! Why? I Mean Why?

5. Super Weird!

6. Giant Allegator Pierced with Everything Possible

7. Awkward!!

8. Really!!

9. No Idea!

10. What was the creator thinking?

11. Old Man in Distress!

12. Super Dirty Mind!

13. Why?

14. Amazing!

15. The Invisible

16. Awesome!

17. Children Eater!

18. Deep Shit!!

19. Extreme!


20. Monstrous!


21. Haha!!

22. Oops!

23. Gotcha!

24. Weird Fountain!!

25. Strange!

26. Vampire Babies!

27. Milky Weird!

28. Hanging Hippopotamus!

29. A Tree in a Hand

30. Crashed!

31. This is super weird!

32. Weird 69 Posture!

33. Something Has Stuck!

34. Lolzz!

35. Nice Ride!

Pooja Singh

Her belief lies in the power of elegant intentionality in this world filled with lurid colors.
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